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THUNDER BAY, ON   ------  October 21, 2010   ---    Mayoral Candidate Frank Pullia is launching his Frank PulliaPlan to "Awaken Thunder Bay's Giant Potential" at the Port Arthur Prosvita on 540 High Street South at 7 pm on Thursday evening October 21, 2010.
Pullia says "While most politicians will usually state what they plan on doing once elected, they rarely explain how they are going to accomplish those goals".  
Pullia brings a different leadership style to the office of the Mayor, and believes that City Hall should be reaching out to the community. Pullia states,"I will bring a new level of accountability and transparency to the office of Mayor.
"I plan on presenting a true State of City Address where we aknowledge our accomplishments but also clearly identify the challenges facing our city," stated Pullia.
"Thunder Bay is crying out for 'Change You Can Trust'," states Pullia.
"The community needs to have a clear understanding of where we are as a city , where we are going and how we are going to get there. In launching my plan I will present a clear vision of how we can bring Thunder Bay to the next level," concludes Pullia.  

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