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Bell Canada failing First Nation customers

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  November 25, 2010  ----    Hundreds of First Nations telephone customers Anishinabek Deputy Grand Chief Glen Hareacross Ontario are complaining about service providers failing to follow government direction to refund the provincial sales tax portion of the Harmonized Sales Tax.

“They don’t have any problem finding the cheques we send them to deposit in their big corporate bank account,” said Anishinabek Deputy Grand Chief Glen Hare. “But they seem to misplace our citizens’ requests for their lawful refund of the 8 per cent PST that is still on their telephone bills.”

Hare said he had heard horror stories from homeowners in the 40 Anishinabek Nation communities across Ontario who have spent hours on the phone trying to have Bell Canada, one of Canada’s largest corporations, delete the PST from monthly phone, internet and satellite bills   Lake Superior News read more......>

 Civic Pride Awards

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---------November 22, 2010 – City Council presented the 3rd Annual Clean, Green Landale Gardens& Beautiful Awards, the Thunder Bay Green Giant Award and officially recognized the winners of the Civic Beautification and the Best Block Awards at the Committee of the Whole Meeting Monday.

Clean, Green & Beautiful
The Clean, Green & Beautiful Awards celebrate businesses and organizations who are improving the physical environment and the quality of life in our city. These awards recognize building and renovation projects that enrich the life of the community through public art, beautification, heritage and environmental greening.

"A clean, green & beautiful Thunder Bay depends on the pride of residents of all ages, businesses, and property owners," says Mayor Lynn Peterson, who chairs the Clean Green and Beautiful Committee. "Our winners are examples to us all and ambassadors of pride in our community.”  Lake Superior News read more......>



A Traditional Christmas Tree Celebration

 THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  November 10, 2010 -- -The Victoria Avenue Business Improvement Area, together with Paterson Park BIA Christmas Tree DisplayVictoriaville Centre, warmly invite you to help ring in the Christmas season with their 16th Annual TREE LIGHTING CEREMONY taking place on Friday, November 19th in Paterson Park (corner of Miles & May Street). Festivities start at 6:20 pm with a performance by the Thunder Bay Youth Choir followed by the lighting of the giant tree at 6:30 pm. Lake Superior News  read more......>


 Clocks fall back on Sunday morning:

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  November 5, 2010 ----  Temperatures may be dipping into the single digits, but you can count on scoring an extra hour of sleep on Sunday.

Daylight savings time ends, which means clocks will need to be turned back one hour on Sunday morning at 2 a.m.

With Daylight Savings Time ending on Sunday at 2 a.m., people all across the U.S. will once again be setting their alarm clocks back an hour. With modern technology, people have to worry about it less, with most cell phone auto-setting themselves to change in sync with the time change and computers also updating automatically. However, it still can be confusing.

So What is Daylight Savings Time? Its origins go back quite far. Benjamin Franklin allegedly came up with the idea of Daylight Savings Time as a way of allowing people to use daylight more effectively. Yet, it was not set into effect across most of the United States until 1967. Lake Superior News read more......>

 Election Results will be available on Line

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  October 22, 2010 – The City of Thunder Bay has launched a new web page that will report the latest Thunder Bay Votes 2010 2010 Municipal Election results. After 8 pm on Monday, Oct. 25, unofficial results will be generated on the page as they are received from the regular, advance and building polls.

The web page allows users to narrow their viewing by ward, at-large and school board races, with the Mayor’s race always being displayed. It will also feature the number of polls that have reported, eligible voters, total ballots cast and voter turnout by percentage. Lake Superior News read more.....>

HST payments push deficit to record-breaking

GREENSTONE, ON –  October 12, 2010   -----  Finance Minister Flaherty said Canada's federal deficit Jim  Flaherty Minister of FinanceBruce Hyer MP Thunder Bay Superior Northrose to its highest level in history thanks in part to $5.6 billion in extra "incentive" spending to get the governments of Ontario and B.C. to adopt the Harmonized Sales Tax. It was accounting for these HST transfer payments that helped push the budget deficit into record-breaking territory.

MP Bruce Hyer reacted with shock at the federal government’s latest fiscal update, which revealed a deficit billions larger than originally estimated. On Tuesday, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said that revised federal numbers now show an actual deficit of $55.6 billion, and that it would take at least five years to return to balanced budgets. Lake Superior News read more......>

Thunder Bay Votes 2010

 This page provide voters with information on who is running for School Board and the Thunder Bay Votes 2010 City of Thunder Bay Council. Plus this is a list of the adviance poll location and other information that might be helpful to voters.   It is our hope that by providing this information the voter turn out for this years elections will be higher than the last City of Thunder Bay election which had a turn out of only 38.5 per cent voter turn out in the 2006.  John Hannam City Clerk said. "Historic averages range at about 50 per cent. He is hoping with mobile  polling stations and advance polls that the number will rise.   Lake Superior News read more......>



Wolff Candidate Meeting Current River Ward

 THUNDER BAY, ON   -----    October 10, 2010   ----  Every year we are subjected to tax increases; Andy Wolff Crime in Current River Wardmeanwhile, we watch helplessly as our tax dollars are being spent subsidizing consultants and mega-projects that only benefit big business, in hopes that we revive our suffering economy.  Anytime we suggest freezing tax levels; we are told the only alternative is to cut public and essential services.  I do not believe this to be true!  What we must do is devote time to examining each department’s budget and eliminate the wasteful spending.  Before we embark on major projects we must get spending under control.  Finally, we need to give taxpayers a break by returning the hospital tax back to the taxpayer.  If we can control spending and prevent tax increases, we will gradually start to reduce the debt, since part of our budget is put towards payment of that debt Lake Superior News read more......>


 Anishinabek salute the Late Chief Dr. Billy Diamond

THUNDER BAY, ON    ----   October 1, 2010   ---  Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Patrick Chief Dr. Billy Diamond Madahbee says that First Nations people across Canada have lost one of their greatest leaders.

 "Chief Diamond worked for all First Nations people across this country," said the Grand Council Chief.  "He was the key negotiator on many major issues. He ensured that Section 35 was included in the Canadian Constitution and was an outstanding business leader."

  Chief Diamond's successes as a community leader included his opposition to the damming of rivers in traditional Cree territories, which set a new standard for how governments engage with the Aboriginal community.

  His achievements earned him induction into the Order of Quebec and the Canadian Council on Aboriginal Business Hall of Fame.  Lake Superior News  read more.......>





THUNDER BAY, ON ---  September 23, 2010  ---   Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Deputy Grand Chief Mike MetatawabinMike Metatawabin issued the following statement on behalf of the NAN Executive Council, Tribal Councils and NAN First Nations following the passing of Third Reading of Bill 191 – The Far North Act in the Ontario Legislature today.

“The passing of Bill 191 today indeed shows how little regard the McGuinty Government gives to the concerns of First Nations and other Northern Ontarians when it comes to decision making,” said NAN Deputy Grand Chief Mike Metatawabin. “It is a disappointing day for all of us who spent tireless hours opposing Bill 191 as our opposition was obviously ignored. As we have stated time and time again, NAN First Nations and Tribal Councils do not and will not recognize this legislation on our homelands. We will continue to uphold our Aboriginal and Treaty rights and jurisdiction over our land. The real fight is just beginning.” Lake Superior News read more......>

 NDP stands with First Nations, votes against Bill 191

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  September 23, 2010 --– The McGuinty Liberals’ decision to ram the Far North Andrea Horwath NDPAct through the Legislature today is a big step backward for relations between First Nations and the provincial government, say NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and NDP Aboriginal Affairs Critic Gilles Bisson.

 “The Premier went back on his pledge to First Nations leaders that he wouldn’t move ahead with the Far North Act without their consent,” said Horwath.

 “Despite committing to a new relationship, the McGuinty Liberals think they know better than the First Nations who have lived in the far north for thousands of years. The attitudes displayed in the pass of this bill were supposed to be the attitudes of the past,” she added. Lake Superior News  read more......>

Hyer Keeps his Word on Long Gun Registry

 OTTAWA –   September 22, 2010   --- $15 Million that could have gone to stopping the importation of Bruce Hyer Keeps his wordhandguns into Ontario, $15 Million that could have help feed the hungry. MPP Bruce Hyer kept his word, did what he said he was going to do last election. That is why he won the election.  People in Northwestern Ontario are opposed to waste and in affective programs that cost them money and to not help anybody except the Liberal establishment.

Bruce Hyer upheld his long-standing commitment to vote against the long gun registry Wednesday, in a closely-watched House of Commons vote that narrowly passed 153 to 151. The vote was on a Liberal motion to kill, without further debate, Bill C-391 - a Private Members’ Bill which would repeal registry requirements for non-restricted long guns.

"Over more than 7 years, three elections, in public forums, and on many doorsteps, I have committed to voting to end the registry of legal rifles and shotguns." Hyer said. "Today, I upheld that commitment."

"I say to my constituents: I will never stop listening to you." Hyer affirmed. "Going forward, I will be working in Parliament to ensure that the cultural and economic needs of the people of Northern Ontario are respected in any future changes to our firearms laws. But if an agreement on acceptable and safe changes to firearms legislation cannot be found, I intend to vote to end the current long gun registry again in the future."

  Lake Superior News  read more.....>

Lori Lukinuk Launches Campaign for Trustee

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  September 13, 2010  ------  Lori Lukinuk has launched her trustee campaign for a 3rd term to represent the citizens of Thunder Bay and Area which now includes Armstrong and Collins.  Lori was first elected in 2003 and again in 2006.

“It has been my privilege for the past seven years to serve the citizens of Thunder Bay and surrounding area as their Trustee with purpose and integrity,” said Lori Lukinuk.  “I believe I have more to contribute to ensure that our children grow up in conditions that give them every possible opportunity to succeed in school and in life.” 

As an active and involved trustee, Lori has served on many committees including:  Vice-chair of the Special Education Advisory Committee, member of the Parent Involvement, Success Advisory, and Aboriginal Education Advisory Committees. Lake Superior News  read more....>

 Karen Wilson, seeks re election as Trustee

 THUNDER BAY, ON   -----    September 12, 2010 -----  Karen Wilson, Trustee for the Lakehead District Karen Wilson Trustee Lakehead Board of EducationSchool Board announces she is seeking re-election.

Karen is Vice Chair of the Board and sits on a number of committees.  Karen has previous volunteer experiences including; President, Thunder Bay Dental Hygienists Society, Board Director for the Ontario Dental Hygienists Association, President of the Gorham & Ware Home & School Association, and parent and community member of the Gorham & Ware School Council. She been a manager of a Junior Women’s hockey team and is currently a Director on the Surprise Lake Campers Association.
Karen, her husband Gord and their two daughters live in Gorham Township. Karen brings a community school perspective to her role as a trustee.  Lake Superior News read more.......>

 Pulia seeks Mayors Chair

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  September 9, 2010 -----  Frank Pullia is running for mayor because I believe in Frank Pulliaour potential as a city. Recent changes in our economy are creating new challenges and opportunities that have the potential to greatly enhance or undermine our region's economic viability and future prosperity.
His background and experience include according to a press release:
I believe in this great city of ours. Lake Superior News  read more......>



Andy Wolff Runs in Current River Ward

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  September 4, 2010  ------  Being a life-long resident of this ward, I believe I Andy Wolffhave an understanding of Current River Ward’s issues and concerns.  The following are issues I will be addressing within our ward. 

 It’s a shame one of the most beautiful areas in our city has a lake, where it’s unsafe to swim.   It will be my commitment to you, to find out how we can restore Boulevard Lake, so it is safe to use all summer long. 

 There are still a number of roads that need to be resurfaced in our area.  Cumberland Street in particular has been neglected for too long.  I will propose to council to make the resurfacing of this road a top priority. Lake Superior News     read more.......>







Gerald Graham will run for councillor at large

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  September 9, 2010 --- Former CBC Host to Run at Large in Municipal Election Gerald GrahamFormer CBC host Gerald Graham will run for councillor at large in the upcoming municipal election.

Graham who retired in June after 25 years as a journalist in the city is excited about the possibility of serving on council. Lake Superior News read more......>








THUNDER BAY, ON ----   September 22, 2010  ----  Andy Wolff Candidate Councillor – Current River Andy WolffWard is hosting a Current River open house  for residents of the ward to come out and meet him. . 

Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: North End Rec. Centre, 984 Huron Ave








Hobbs says Peterson play politics with crime

Thunder Bay, ON -   September 29, 2010  ------  While a new initiative was launched by the City of Keith HobbsThunder Bay, Mayoralty candidate Keith Hobbs is accusing incumbent Lynn Peterson of playing politics with victims of crime.

Hobbs indicated that the concerns raised for over a decade by the Thunder Bay Police Association concerning substance abuse and crime levels fell on deaf ears including Mrs. Peterson who he accuses of sitting quietly on the sidelines while these problems continued to grow. Hobbs stated: “at one minute before midnight and after denying publicly that crime was even an issue, she is asking voters to give her four more years to solve our crime problems. Mrs. Peterson, this community that you ignored for seven years deserves an apology”. Lake Superior News read more.....>







HYER TRAINS with LSSR in Shilo

SHILO, MB –   October 12, 2010  ----  Northwest Ontario New Democrat MP Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay-Bruce Hyer with LSSR at ShiloSuperior North) took part in Canadian Forces training at Shilo, Manitoba recently in order to gain a better understanding of Canada's armed services, and speak to soldiers first-hand.

 "I was honoured to be able to train with Northwest Ontario's own Lake Superior Scottish Regiment." said Hyer, after participating in live-fire training with the unit. "What a learning experience! I have a renewed appreciation for the incredible dedication and professionalism of our Canadian Forces personnel." Lake Superior News   read more.....>




Canadian Pacific Holiday Train

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  November 18, 2010  ----  The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train hits the rails CP Holiday Trainagain in November, visiting over 140 communities across our network. 

Since the program's inception back in 1999, more than 4.8 million in cash and over 2.3 million pounds of food has been collected in Canada and the United States.

•         This is the 12th year for one of North America's most unique and perhaps longest running corporate food bank fundraisers of its kind and food banks are telling us that the need is as acute as ever. Lake Superior News   read more.....>

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   December 5, 2010 – The City of Thunder Bay will be video streaming City Council and Council’s Committee of the Whole meetings, starting with the Inaugural Meeting of Council on Monday, Dec. 6.

"By video streaming meetings and public events, Council agreed we would dramatically widen access to information and improve accessibility for interested people who cannot attend in person," said John Hannam, City Clerk. Lake Superior News  read more........>




Pulia seeks Mayors Chair

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  September 9, 2010 -----  Frank Pullia is running for mayor because I believe in Frank Pulliaour potential as a city. Recent changes in our economy are creating new challenges and opportunities that have the potential to greatly enhance or undermine our region's economic viability and future prosperity.
His background and experience include according to a press release:
I believe in this great city of ours. Lake Superior News  read more......>



 Red Rock Indian Band and Nipigon Sign Agreement

Nipigon, ON -----   September 7, 2010  ----  The Red Rock Indian Band and the Township of Nipigon Red Rock First Nation Township of Nipigon Sign Agreementhave signed a Memorandum of Understanding. This MOU provides a positive example of cooperation between communities in the interest of developing a more diverse economic base.

Nipigon has agreed to support the Red Rock Indian Band in the Addition to Reserve Process (ATR) they are currently engaged in, and in return, the Band will compensate the township for lost revenues, such as taxes, that may occur as a result of lost lands in the municipality. “Signing of this MOU establishes a framework for how we will work together for the mutual best interest of our communities,” said Richard Harvey, Mayor of Nipigon, “it establishes the basis for future decision making.”   Lake Superior News  read more.......>



O’Hearn  on MMA and lonely middle-aged guys

THUNDER BAY, ON   -- _  August 15. 2010   -----  Between on-line gambling Hubert O'Hearnand MMA fights, the Ontario Government is exhibiting the same behaviours as lonely middle-aged guys who can’t get a date after their second divorce.

I have followed with personal interest the debate regarding the Ontario Government announcement that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) cards would be legal and available for licence as of next year. This is a major change of athletic policy by Ontario, given that Toronto in particular was one of the last remaining major North American cities that was unable to host a UFC pay-per-view. A robust lobbying effort by UFC President Dana White, and presumably Rogers Inc. - anxious to fill an increasingly vacant Skydome (sic) - seems to have worked. In this case, they have been well-aided by a sports media looking for its next swanky press box buffet.  Lake Superior News read more.......>

Woff on Mismanaged City 

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  August 14, 2010  ----  I take issue with regards to the Andy Wolffarticle Councillor Frank Pullia wrote, entitled “How Council Makes Decisions” dated, August 7, 2010.  In our entire history, I have never seen a more mismanaged city.  Our taxes keep going up, our infrastructure is crumbling and this council continues to spend money on mega projects, they somehow believe will benefit the citizens of Thunder Bay. On all of these issues, we have had more public protests in this one term of city council than the entire history of Thunder Bay. These are only a few examples that prove “disconnection doe! s exist between citizen’s expectations and council/administration’s capability to deliver timely and effective decisions”. Lake Superior News read more.......>


Human cockfighting and Online gambling coming to Ontario

THUNDER BAY, ON   ------   August 14, 2010 ----  Saturday,  McGuinty MMA  Mix Martial Arts  GirlsGovernment announced Ontario is taking steps to allow professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events in the province.

The province would adopt the same rules for professional MMA that are widely used across North America. This announcement paves the way for the first regulated professional MMA event to be held in Ontario in 2011  Lake Superior News read more......>


Letter by Keith Hobbs Canidate for Mayor Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON ---   August 2, 2010   ----   Once again I watched City Keith HobbsCouncil debate the Horizon Wind farm Development. After having this issue take up much of the city’s attention over the past few months one thing appears abundantly clear: people agreed to this deal long before they should have. We have now spent a great amount of time on an issue after the contract has been signed. Taxpayers should be asking why?

My intent today is not to debate this project in a letter to the editor but to point out that we need to do our homework before we sign on the dotted line. Some members of council are now suggesting this issue will become the responsibility of the next council: that should be unacceptable to all of us. We even get to hear other members try to blame the province or the company for an agreement City Council had full control over. That also should be unacceptable.   read more.....>


Longtin Seeks PC Nomination Thunder Bay-Superior North

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  July 26, 2010  ----   Richard Longtin announces his Richard Longtin Seeks PC Nomination Thunder Bay-Superior to win the Thunder Bay-Superior North Conservative Nomination Thunder Bay, July 23 2010: Richard Longtin has advised the Thunder Bay Superior North Conservative Riding Association and various media outlets that he is putting his name and candidacy forward to replace Mike Auld.

 Longtin who is no stranger to the political realm, having served as Lakehead University Student Union President for two terms and having worked for Tim Hudak leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party and on Parliament Hill for Diane Finley thinks he can win this seat for the conservatives. Lake Superior News read more......>


Rare 4,600-year-old Ontario burial lifts lid on prehistoric Canada

THUNDER BAY ON   --- July 20, 2010  --   A 4,600-year-old burial has been discovered in a remote corner of northern Ontario Canada – and could hold the Photo courtesy Professor Scott Hamilton  south shore of Big Trout Lake, in Northern Ontariokey to how ancient Canadians lived. The remarkable find has been made at the mouth of the Bug River, near Big Trout Lake, Ontario. Today the region is home to the Kitchenuhmaykoosik Inninuwug First Nation, an indigenous tribe numbering around 1,200.

The discovery was made by First Nation fishermen as water levels fell at the lake, exposing the burial. The site is currently being handled by an archaeological team from Lakehead University, Thunder Bay. The discovery is particularly rare as Canadian ethics laws largely forbid excavations.  Lake Superior News  read more.....>

Let's Come to our Census




THUNDER BAY, ON  – July 17, 2010 ----  The Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association is adding its name to the list of groups from across the country Anne Krassilowsky, NOMA Presidentexpressing concern about the recent Federal Census decision.

 “The recent announcement that Statistics Canada will discontinue the use of the mandatory long-form questionnaire during the 2011 Census in favour of a voluntary National Household Survey is of great concern to NOMA members,” says Anne Krassilowsky, NOMA President.  “This Government decision is troubling because of its significant potential negative impact to our collective capacity to conduct reliable, accurate analysis of municipal issues.” Lake Superior News read more....>


Hobbs Taxpayers Deserve A Break

THUNDER BAY, ON ---  July 17, 2010 Thunder Bay Mayoral candidate Keith Hobbs strongly supports the return, to taxpayers, of the excess monies gained Keith Hobbsthrough the Debenture Tax that was initiated in support of the Regional Hospital. Hobbs feels that Thunder Bay residents certainly deserve to be compensated by way of a tax savings, particularly in light of the fact that Thunder Bay is among the highest taxed municipalities in Ontario.

When asked to comment, Mayoral candidate Hobbs said "I wholeheartedly agree with this, and would further add that having knocked on doors from Current River to Westfort, the message is resonating loud and clear that property taxes are not only excessive, overall City spending is out of control". Lake Superior News  read more.....>




Paramedics Klukie Memorial Award

THUNDER BAY , ON    ---   July 3, 2010   -----  In June, Paramedics and Josh Klukiesupporters from across the district participated in the 8th Annual EMS Golf tournament. The event held at Dragon Hills Golf Course raised funds for the Josh Klukie Memorial Award. 76 participants that included Paramedics, Police Officers, Firefighters and our supporters all came out to have some fun and help us raise the funds. Over the past three years EMS Golfers have now donated $4,463.69 towards this award. Lake Superior News  read more.....>


THUNDER BAY, ON – June 16, 2010 ---   Citizens in Thunder Bay now want to see a vision for their community over the next 25 to 30 years. The Citizens Coalition of Thunder Bay is meeting Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the West Thunder Community Centre to begin shaping a vision of Thunder Bay’s future. Lake Superior News read more.....>

Marina Park $14. million Tender

THUNDER BAY, ON  -------  June 14, 2010 – Following a review of cost-saving Baggage Building Arts Centreoptions, Administration is recommending tonight that City Council accept a negotiation with the low bidder for major works at the waterfront to bring down the cost of the contract by about $1 million.

A pre-tender estimate for one of 14 tenders for Phase One of Prince Arthur’s Landing was $12.75 million. The lowest bidder, Tom Jones Corporation, put the contract at $14.99 million, about $2 million above estimates.

You can watch Council discuss the cost of Marina Park here on Lake Superior News.  Council for the month of June are making Council meeting available to internet viewers .  Lake Superior News  read more......>




THUNDER BAY, ON ----  July 19, 2010 --- The Ontario Public School Boards' Lori LukinukAssociation (OPSBA) urges the federal government to reconsider its decision to eliminate the mandatory long form questionanaire.  Lori Lukinuk, 1st Vice President of OPSBA, says it provides vital information for trustees around the province to make sound decisions based on reliable data.  It is particularly important here in the North.  Lukinuk supports NOMA and her provincial trustee association in their efforts to encourage the federal government to bring back the long form.

School boards make sound policy decisions based on current, accurate, and reliable data. The federal government's recent decision to eliminate the census's mandatory long form questionnaire undermines access to a whole range of valid information about Canadian society. Lake Superior News read more.....>












First Nation artifacts being Removed

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----- August 19, 2010 – Anishinabek leadership in the Patrick MadahbeeNorthern Superior region are upset over thousands of artifacts estimated to be 9,000 years old being excavated and shipped to Lakehead University without any consultation with local First Nations.

 This has been called one of the most significant archeological finds in Northern Ontario in an area behind the McKenzie Inn 40 Kilometres East of Thunder Bay on Highway 11/17.

 "It has become common knowledge in Canada – especially in Ontario – that First Nations have a significant connection to our history and these artifacts represent the history of our people and our relationship to this land,” said Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee. Lake Superior News read more.......>




General News


Trustee Lori Lukinuk Becomes 1st Vice President of OPSBA

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  June 11, 2010  ----   Trustee Lori Lukinuk of the Trustee Lori Lukinuk of the Lakehead District School BoardLakehead District School Board was elected as First Vice President of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA) at the Annual General Meeting  in Windsor, Ontario.  Trustee Lukinuk was first elected to the Lakehead District School Board in 2003.

“As a Provincial Vice President, my responsibilities will include providing support for all regions, and the OPSBA President,” says Trustee Lori Lukinuk,  Lakehead District School Board and First Vice President of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association. Lake Superior News News  read  more.....>



THUNDER BAY ON  ---  May 29, 2010  --   On Monday, May 31st/2010, Bob Andy WolfWiley, Roy Willis and myself (Andy Wolff) will be doing presentations in front of city council to convince them to change our present election system back to the traditional system that is successfully used in provincial and federal elections.  Each of us will cover different aspects of both systems.  I will be comparing the costs and efficiencies of both systems.  Mr. Willis will reflect on his personal experiences running as a candidate under the electronic-scan system, as well as personal insights regarding each system.  Mr. Wiley will discuss the history of election fraud and how this technology deteriorates ! true democracy Lake Superior News News read more.....>

RFP awarded fall/winter 2011 for court house

THUNDER BAY, ON   –    May 27, 2010  ---  The Ministry of the Attorney Feb 2009 Announcement of New Court HouseGeneral and Infrastructure Ontario today announced that the request for proposals (RFP) stage has closed for building teams to submit bids to design,
build, finance and maintain a new consolidated courthouse in Thunder Bay.

The future courthouse will consolidate Thunder Bay’s two existing courthouses: the courts of the Superior Court of Justice, which are located on Camelot Street, and the courts of the Ontario Court of Justice, which are on East Arthur Street. The new courthouse, to be located in downtown Fort William.   Lake Superior News News  read more......>

Demolition Twin City Gas Building 

THUNDER BAY – May 24, 2010  ---   Demolition work on the Twin Cities Gas Building started this Saturday morn ing at about 9:00AM. Through the day, the building continued to come down. As of late Monday the workmen were still working on completing the demolition so that they could re open Miles street.

Saturday King Stereo Builing
Photos by   Lianne Viau
 Lake Superior News News read more....>

Road Work Ahead

THUNDER BAY, ON - May 21, 2010 – Warmer weather arrived early this spring and with it, an early start to our construction season. Several projects are already underway in Thunder Bay. Road construction can result in road closures, detours and delays for drivers. Watch for signage and please drive with extra care in construction zones.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Henvey Inlet First Nation Responds to Charity Revocation

THUNDER BAY, ON - May 14, 2010 - Wayne McQuabbie, Chief of Henvey Inlet First Nation, said today that his community is “pleased and relieved” that Canada Revenue Agency has revoked the charitable status of the Henvey Inlet First Nation Community Support Organization (HIFNCSO). “We think this revocation is going to help us in our lawsuit against that organization,” he added. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Neebing Fire Rescue Crew Moves Back to Neebing Station

THUNDER BAY, ON - May 14, 2010 – As of 6 pm today, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue will resume operations at the Neebing Fire Station on 20th Sideroad while work to complete mould remediation continues. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Free Compost Available to City Residents

THUNDER BAY, ON - May 7, 2010 – Compost is now available to City residents at no charge – weather permitting and while quantities last. The Compost Pick-Up Area at the Solid Waste & Recycling Facility, entrance off John Street Road, will be open beginning Monday, May 10. No early birds please.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Bill to Help Retired & Disabled Vets, Mounties Defeated

OTTAWA, ON - May 7, 2010  – Thunder Bay-Superior North MP Bruce Hyer was left shaking his head after vital legislation to fix a pension and disability clawback for retired service personnel was killed in the House of Commons this week. It’s the third time the bill, tabled by New Democrat Veterans Affairs Critic Peter Stoffer (Sackville-Eastern Shore), was blocked by the Conservative government. Stoffer’s defeated Bill C-201 also builds upon the NDP’s Veterans First Motion, which passed in the House in November 2006, also calling for an end to the pension clawback. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Thunder Bay Burning Ban Lifted

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  May 5, 2010 – As of 5 pm this evening, the City-wide burning ban that has been in effect since March will be lifted. Local conditions have improved thanks to recent precipitation and Thunder Bay Fire Rescue officials will resume issuing burning permits. Lake Superior News News  read more.....>


THUNDER BAY, ON - April 30, 2010 - Are you a trendsetter? Do you  have a flair or unique Intercity Shopping Centrestyle?  Well now is your chance to show off your talents during Intercity Shopping Centre’s Ready, Set, Style Challenge.  Intercity is letting customers and aspiring stylists dress a mannequin the way they want using clothing and accessories from the stores of Intercity.Lake Superior News News read more...>



THUNDER BAY, ON - April 21, 2010 - The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the winners for our 16th Annual Business Awards, which were proudly presented by Bell.  The awards were presented on April 17th at the Valhalla Inn Ballroom.  The Chamber is proud to announce that it has opened the Business Awards program to non-members in selected categories to honour our diverse business community. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Cinderella’s Closet Project

THUNDER BAY, ON - April 21, 2010 - The Ontario Public Service Employee’s Union Provincial Women’s Committee is celebrating it‘s 25th Anniversary this year. 
Region 7’s PWC has decided to work on a Cinderella’s Closet Project. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Steel River Bridge To Be Replaced

THUNDER BAY, ON - April 20, 2010 - Ontario continues to improve northern highway infrastructure by replacing the Steel River Bridge on Highway 17 near Terrace Bay.
The new structure will be built adjacent to the existing bridge and 600 metres of approaching highway will be realigned.
This project is part of the Open Ontario plan, which will bring economic growth and jobs to Northern Ontario. About 70 jobs will be created through this project.
Work on the bridge begins this spring with completion scheduled for August, 2010. During the construction of the new bridge, traffic will continue using the existing bridge.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Hyer Calls for National Cyclotron Network

OTTAWA, ON – 14 April, 2010 - After touring the 53-year old Chalk River Nuclear Research Reactor (NRU), formerly responsible for almost half the world’s supply of medical isotopes, Thunder Bay–Superior North MP Bruce Hyer called for the creation of a national cyclotron network to mitigate the country’s chronic isotope shortages.Lake Superior News News read more...>

More 4 lanes for Shuniah

THUNDER BAY, ON -----  April 12, 2010 ----  Between 5,000 and 10,000 vehicles Michael Gravellea day travel along Highway 11/17 between Thunder Bay and Nipigon — a strategic link in the Trans-Canada Highway System that in some sections has no alternate route in the event of a road closure along the highway.

There will be expanded roads and highways in Northern Ontario, helping improve trade and increase road safety for local residents and people traveling across the province. As part of the Open Ontario plan to bring economic growth and jobs to Northern Ontario, three major projects from the 2010 Ontario budget have been confirmed for the expansion of the Highway 11/17 corridor to four lane Lake Superior News News read more.....>




Allow all Thunder Bay Citizen to vote in Oct Election

Aging Park Trees to be Salvaged for Waterfront Development

THUNDER BAY, ON - April 8, 2010 – The City of Thunder Bay will be removing 14 ash trees that are approximately 90-years-old from the north side of Vickers Park.  The removals are part of a road reconstruction project which will also widen the sidewalks on Arthur Street and improve pedestrian safety.  At 90-years-old, the trees are near the end of their life cycle, which is shortened by the urban environment.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Changes to Water Rates Take Effect April 1

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 31, 2010 – The City of Thunder Bay’s new water rate structure, designed to be equitable, easier to understand and to benefit those who conserve, takes effect Thursday, April 1. Water Authorities in Ontario have been mandated by Provincial legislation to develop new financial plans that move toward adequate resources for the provision of safe drinking water today and for the future. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>


THUNDER BAY, ON ---  March 26, 2010 ---   The Northwestern Ontario Anne KrassilowskyMunicipal Association (NOMA) is calling the 2010 Ontario Budget a step in the right direction for Northwestern Ontario communities but acknowledges that there are some areas of concern.

“The budget provides some heartening signals to municipal leaders that the Government is finally listening to the voices of Northerners,” said NOMA President Anne Krassilowsky.  “We are encouraged that the Budget acknowledges the long-term economic downturn that Northwestern Ontario communities are struggling with, while also recognizing the need to support the opportunities of the Ring of Fire mineral deposit.”  Lake Superior News News  read more.....>

Keith Hobbs to Run for Mayor of Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON – March 26, 2010 - Retired Thunder Bay Police officer Keith Hobbs Keith Hobbshas filed his nomination papers to run for mayor of Thunder Bay. Hobbs says he is excited to continue to work to make Thunder Bay a better place.

“I am looking forward to this challenge. I love Thunder Bay. I’ve lived here for 48 years and feel that our community can be better. I love living in this city, and I want my family to have a safe and prosperous future here.” Lake Superior News News read more...>

New Call Centre to Hold Career Fair in Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 19, 2010 - On-Line Support (OLS), a Canadian based Contact Centre outsource provider with operations throughout Canada, will be holding a Career Fair at the former StarTek site in VictoriaVille Mall on March 29, 30 and 31.Lake Superior News Newsread more...> 

Parliament Clips PM’s Power to Prorogue

OTTAWA, ON - March 18, 2010 – Bruce Hyer, New Democrat MP Thunder Bay–Superior North, applauded his opposition colleagues from other parties today for their unanimous support of a NDP Motion that puts limits on the power of the Prime Minister to suspend Parliament. The Motion was passed in the House of Commons after a 139 to 135 vote.Lake Superior News News read more...>


THUNDER BAY, ON - March 15, 2010 - Intercity Shopping Centre's "So You Think You've Intercity Shopping CentreGot Talent?" auditions will be held (today) Monday, March 15 until Wednesday March 17 from 10-5 daily on the SO YOU THINK YOU’VE GOT TALENT AUDITIONS START TODAY of Intercity Shopping Centre.  Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Ontario Increases Minimum Wage

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 5, 2010 - McGuinty Government Helps Hard Working Government of OntarioFamilies.  Ontario is raising the minimum wage to $10.25 on March 31, 2010.  This is the seventh increase since 2004.

The province of Ontario started implementing annual increases early in 2003, raising the general minimum wage from $6.85 in 2004 to $9.50 in 2009. 
Phasing in these increases balances the needs of hard working families with the needs of small businesses that create jobs. Lake Superior News News
read more...>

Anishinabek apprehensive with Canada’s good intentions

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 5, 2010 - UOI OFFICES – Instead of a day of celebration, First Nations should be nearly relieved that 500 years after first seeing us, other people have decided we have the same Human Rights they do. 

“We can only hope it doesn’t take another 500 years for governments in Canada to agree that we have the rights to choose our own citizens, to share in the wealth of our territories as we were promised by treaty, and to govern our own affairs,” says Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

‘Bay Street Budget’ Leaves Northwest Ontario Behind

OTTAWA, ON – March 5, 2010 - New Democrat Members of Parliament John Rafferty (Thunder Bay – Rainy River) and Bruce Hyer (Thunder Bay – Superior North) expressed disappointment in the federal Conservative government budget which they say is fiscally irresponsible, raises taxes, and neglects key economic sectors in Northwestern Ontario.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Development Opportunity - Former Big Thunder Sports Park and National Ski Training Centre

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 2, 2010 - Friends of Big Thunder Tell Province “We're ready to re-open Big Thunder”
Thunder Bay: The Friends of Big Thunder have submitted a response to the
request for an Expression of Interest to re-establish the former Big Thunder
Sports Park and National Ski Training Centre at Big Thunder. Lake Superior News News
read more...>

Golden Olympic Lining Precedes Dark Clouds for Amateur Sport

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 2, 2010 – On the heels of an historic level of success by Canadian Olympic athletes at the Vancouver 2010 Games, Thunder Bay–Superior North MP Bruce Hyer congratulated Thunder Bay gold medal winners Haley Irwin and Eric Staal, and all the athletes that helped make the 2010 Winter Games a huge success.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Hyer Launches Campaign to Restore Passenger Rail to North Shore & the Lakehead

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 23, 2010 – The campaign to return passenger rail service Via Railto Thunder Bay along the North Shore is gaining momentum with the launch of the Revive Superior Rail Petition, and a burgeoning movement online.

Thunder Bay–Superior North Member of Parliament Bruce Hyer plans to table his Motion to restore local passenger service, cut in the late 1980’s, at the first opportunity when the House of Commons resumes next week. Unlike Government Bills and Private Members’ Bills, Motions die when parliament is prorogued. The Motion to be re-introduced reads: Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Minimizing Impacts on Marina Operations

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 23, 2010 – As construction continues at Prince Arthur’s Landing, the City of Thunder Bay is making every effort to accommodate Marina contract holders for the 2010 season, and minimize impacts on Marina operations. Lake Superior News News read more...>

Family Day is Time to Play!

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 12, 2010 – The Parks Division and the Recreation & Family DayCulture Division are pleased to offer many recreational opportunities for the whole family to enjoy on the ‘Family Day’ holiday Monday, Feb. 15.Lake Superior News News read more...>



A Level Playing Field on Infrastructure Contracts

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 12, 2010 - Last week’s hasty announcement by the Harper CanadaLine Skytraingovernment that a tentative Canada-US procurement deal may soon be reached was so short on details it raised more concerns than it put to rest. Though specifics are scarce, the deal will apparently weaken the Buy America provisions in 37 states. Provisions that have kept Canadian exporters from $275 billion in economic stimulus projects south of the border, of which $75 billion remains unspent. The window to bid on the remaining US stimulus contracts closes in mid-February – too soon for many Canadian bids to be put together. After that, it could be back to the regular Buy America restrictions blocking access for Canadian companies. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Neebing Fire Station Closed Today Due to Mould

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 11, 2010 – The Neebing Fire Station on 20th Sideroad was closed earlier today after mould was confirmed by a Microbiological Analysis. For health and safety, its personnel and pumper have been temporarily relocated to James Street Station. Lake Superior News News read more...>

Lakehead University Appoints New President

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  February 10, 2010 --- Dr. Brian J.R. Stevenson, will become the Dr. Brian StevensonLakehead University's sixth President on August 1, 2010, following the retirement of current President Dr. Frederick Gilbert on July 31, 2010.

Brian J.R. Stevenson, current Provost and Vice-President Academic at the University of Winnipeg. Stevenson, his wife, Judy Davies, and their children, Cecilia and Isabel, are very pleased to be moving to Thunder Bay where they have relatives and will be closer to family. 

Stevenson, who has a stellar record of leadership in academia and government, was unanimously selected by Lakehead University’s Board of Governors following an extensive international search that drew many talented and accomplished academic leaders, states Kevin Cleghorn, Chair of Lakehead’s Board of Governors. Lake Superior News News read more....>



Matawa First Nations to Host Mineral Exploration Mining Symposium


THUNDER BAY, ON - February 4, 2010 - Representatives from the Mining and Mineral Industry and Government Officials, will join Matawa First Nations leadership in Thunder Bay, Ontario, on February 9th and 10th, 2010, for Matawa First Nations first ever Mineral Exploration Mining Symposium. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Hyer Encourages Applications for Canada Day Grants

GREENSTONE, ON – February 3, 2010 - Bruce Hyer, MP for Thunder Bay – Superior North, announced the deadline for applications for Celebrate Canada grants is fast approaching on February 28, 2010, and encouraged municipalities, non-profits, First Nations organizations, cultural associations, and educational institutions, amongst others, to apply for funding before time runs out. Lake Superior News News read more...>

Fraser Dougall Named to Order of Ontario

THUNDER BAY, ---- January 25, 2009  ----  Thunder Bay resident is among 29 people Fraser Dougall named as the newest recipients of the Order of Ontario.

Dougall Media president Fraser Dougall has been given the prestigious distinction for his work and continuing involvement in community activities.

Other area residents set to receive the order include Shirley Peruniak, a naturalist who worked for 19 years at Quetico Park.

The Honourable David C. Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario will bestow the honour at a ceremony to be held on Thursday, January 28 at Queen's Park. Lake Superior News News read more....>

Bruce Hyer – Statement on Election of Hon. Joe Comuzzi as IJC Chair

THUNDER BAY, ON - 21 January, 2010 – Bruce Hyer, MP offered his heartfelt congratulations to Joe Comuzzi on the former MP’s appointment to the International Joint Commission (IJC), and his recent election as Chair of the Canadian Section of the Commission. The IJC is a joint US-Canada binational body set up in 1909 to resolve and prevent disputes over boundary waters, and to advise the two countries about water resources.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Bruce Hyer to Speak at Saturday Anti-Prorogation Rally

THUNDER BAY, ON - January 22, 2009 – Superior North MP Bruce Hyer will join other community leaders to speak at a grass roots protest of the latest suspension of Parliament. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay Unveil Details for 2nd Annual Family Day Event

THUNDER BAY, ON - January 21, 2010 - Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay is giving families something to Family Fun Daydo this upcoming Family Day. Today Habitat representatives announced details of their Second Annual Family Fun Day- the only indoor Family Day event happening in the City of Thunder Bay. Lake Superior News News read more...>




THUNDER BAY, ON - January 12, 2010 - Local children and their families will benefit from an integrated day of learning and play when full-day early learning comes to Thunder Bay-Atikokan this September. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Veteran Politician to Seek Council Re-election

THUNDER BAY, ON - January 7, 2010 - Veteran politician Iain Angus announced today that Iain Angushe would be seeking re-election as Councillor-at-Large for the City of Thunder Bay.
“Serving the community of Thunder Bay is something I have done all my life- in many different ways” said Angus. “I continue to have the energy and enthusiasm to work on behalf all of the people of this community and I seek the opportunity to continue in my role as an elected member of Thunder Bay City Council.” Lake Superior News News
read more...>

City Operates Concessions as Pilot Project

THUNDER BAY, ON - January 7, 2010 – The City of Thunder Bay will operate the food and Tom Forsythebeverage operations at the City’s five arenas, Fort William Gardens and pools on a pilot project basis this winter after ending a contract with a private contractor. Lake Superior News News read more...>





Waiting for the Torch

THUNDER BAY, ON - January 4, 2010 - The Olympic Torch run made its first stop near the Janine Laundrycity in the Township of Shuniah. It is in Shuniah that Terry Fox was forced to quit his Marathon of Hope way back on September 1st 1980.Lake Superior News News read more...> 




Annual Socks for Shelter House Campaign is a Success
THUNDER BAY, ON - December 29, 2009 - The final count for Take A Hike's 2009 Socks Socksfor Shelter House campaign is in.  As a result of this year's effort, the local outdoor store will be donating 339 pairs of warm winter socks to those in need in Thunder Bay.  The socks which retail for $16.95 a pair will be distributed through community groups such as Shelter House, Dew Drop Inn, Faye Peterson Transition House, Salvation Army and others.Lake Superior News News 
read more...>

Garbage Collection Changes for Holidays

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 18, 2009 – Garbage and recycling collection for all residents and businesses shifts to one day earlier during the weeks of Dec. 20 and Dec. 27. Avoid being missed; check your Waste Collection Calendar for your correct waste and recycling collection dates for the holiday season.  Lake Superior News News read more...> 

First Century Burial Shroud and Disease Found in Jerusalem Tomb

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 16, 2009 – Dr. Carney Matheson, Scientific Officer of the Dr. Carney MathesonLakehead University Paleo-DNA Laboratory as well as Anthropology Professor at Lakehead, is involved in another investigation of ancient DNA that could have significant implications.  Dr. Matheson co-authored a new research paper that has just been published in PLoS ONE, a scientific journal published by the Public Library of Science. The paper presents scientific research conducted on “The Tomb of the Shroud,” – a tomb found in Jerusalem dating back to the time of Jesus.Lake Superior News News  read more...>



United Way Employee Campaign Success: Employees Give Nearly $165,000!

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 10, 2009 – Employees of the City of Thunder Bay, Superior North EMS and Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board (TBDSSAB) proudly pledged a total of $164,734.21 to the United Way today following the close of the 14th annual employee campaign, an increase of $6,100 over last year’s total. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

HST Bill Rammed Through

OTTAWA, ON – December 10, 2009 - A final House of Commons vote on C-62, the Harper government’s HST Bill, resulted in the legislation being passed in record time late Wednesday. With the support of the Liberal caucus and the Bloc Québécois, the major tax Bill was rushed through the House only hours after it was introduced. Given the HST’s greater impacts on the North, Thunder Bay – Superior North MP Bruce Hyer was watching how Northern MPs voted on the tax. Lake Superior News News read more...>

Charla Robinson Appointed Executive Director

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 9, 2009 - The Board of Directors of the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association (NOMA) are pleased to announce the appointment of Charla Robinson as Executive Director.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Hyer Blasts HST, Proposes Small Biz Tax Cut Instead

OTTAWA, ON - December 9, 2009 - Bruce Hyer, MP for Thunder Bay–Superior North, House of Commons logoblasted both the federal government’s Harmonized Sales Tax Bill today, and the way it was being rushed through the House of Commons in only 2 days. Under normal Standing Rules, a Bill takes at least a month to pass.Lake Superior News News read more...> 



Climate Change Bill Cleared for Final House of Commons Vote

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 8, 2009 - OTTAWA – Today the climate change debate in Canada took an important step forward when the country’s only federal climate change legislation was sent for a final vote in the House of Commons. Bill C-311, the Climate Change Accountability Act, was introduced as a private members’ bill by Deputy New Democrat Environment Critic Bruce Hyer in February, but had been stalled in the House Standing Committee on the Environment since April 2nd of this year. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Dr. Arthur Mauro Named New Chancellor

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 16, 2009 - Dr. Fred Gilbert, President of Lakehead Arthur Mauro, Dr. Fred GilbertUniversity, in conjunction with the Chancellor Electoral Board, is pleased to announce that Arthur V. Mauro, prominent Canadian lawyer and businessman, has accepted the position of Chancellor of Lakehead University. Dr. Mauro starts a renewable three-year term on January 1, 2010. Dr. Mauro succeeds Dr. Lorne Everett who served as Chancellor from 2000 to 2009.Lake Superior News News read more...>


2nd Annual Fall Feast

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 13, 2009 - Plan to attend the 2nd Annual Fall Feast this Tuesday Nov. 17 at the Sports Dome. The event is free and includes an inter-tribal Pow Wow, Metis fiddlers, hand-drum singers and Aboriginal crafters, artists and artisans. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>

Public Meeting on South Core Transit & Parking Study

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 13, 2009 – The City of Thunder Bay will be holding a public meeting to allow citizens to ask questions and provide additional input into the findings of the South Core Transit and Parking Study. This Study was conducted by the City of Thunder Bay and ENTRA Consultants, based on the agreement between the Province and the City to acquire the Brodie Street Transit Terminal site and adjacent parking lots for the new consolidated courthouse.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Thunder Bay Gears Up to Celebrate Olympic Spirit Jan. 3

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 12, 2009 – With the Olympic Torch arriving in Thunder Bay in just a few Janine Landry - Aboriginal Youth Flame Attendantweeks, Thunder Bay and Fort William First Nation are gearing up for one of the most high profile events of a generation. Thunder Bay is one of just four communities in northern Ontario selected to host a community celebration in conjunction with the Olympic Torch Relay. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>




FiberGel Inc. Places First in Two Cup Categories

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 11, 2009 – HaemAssist, a product designed and developed by the 2009 Lakehead Shads’ company FiberGel Inc., has won Best Application of Scientific Principles and Best Business Plan at the RBC Shad Entrepreneurship Cup, held in mid-October in Waterloo, Ontario.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Smitherman runs for Mayor of Toronto

TORONTO,  -----   November 8, 2009  ----- Premier McGuinty stated "Today my colleague George SmithermanGeorge Smitherman informed me he would be resigning his posts as Deputy Premier and Minister for Energy and Infrastructure in order to run for the Mayoralty of Toronto. He will be staying on as the MPP for Toronto Centre for a short time while he finishes several projects in his community. Lake Superior News News  read more......>


 World Junior Baseball Championships

THUNDER BAY  ----   November 7, 2009  ----  Thunder Bay’s two main baseball fields will be renovated to host the World Junior Baseball Championships in July 2010.  The NOHFC is providing $363,585 to this project.  The MTCU is providing $39,735 to this project, under its Job Creation Partnership program, to support the work of 20 people for a period of 16 weeks.  Lake Superior News News  read more....>

 Rafferty Motion Would Stop HST in Ontario

THUNDER BAY – November 5,  2009  -----  New Democrat Member of Parliament John John Rafferty MP NDPRafferty (Thunder Bay – Rainy River) has tabled a motion that would cancel a planned $4.3 billion federal incentive payment to the Ontario government, and prevent the HST from being implemented in that province. Rafferty is also calling on the general public to rise up against new tax scheme by pressuring their Conservative MPs to support and implement his motion.

“This motion would eliminate the $4.3 billion incentive payment that Mr. Flaherty has promised to Mr. McGuinty which would effectively kill the implementation of the HST in Ontario,” Rafferty said.  Lake Superior News News  read more.....>

 PWAC Unfair Transcontinental Media Contract

THUNDER BAY -----   November 5, 2009 ------- A coalition of more than a dozen Canadian writers' organizations today launched a new website,, to raise awareness about the unfair and damaging freelance contract from Transcontinental Media. This follows a September 30 announcement by the coalition that called on Canadian writers to not write for Transcontinental publications. Lake Superior News News  read more....>

TBAG Christmas House Tour

THUNDER BAY  ---   November 3, 2009  ----   After a 1 year hiatus, and hot on the heels of a very successful Harvest Moon Art Auction, the Art Gallery is pleased to bring back by popular demand one of its most successful and unique fundraising events: its 9th Annual Christmas House Tour.

The event is a self-guided tour of four Thunder Bay executive homes and the Art Gallery.

Each home will be decorated by professional decorators from local businesses in styles appropriate for the holiday season. Lake Superior News News  read more....>



Jumped Up' for public child care

THUNDER BAY   ---   October 25, 2009  ---- 'Jump Up' for Public Child Care's next stops Jump Up for Public Child Caretake place Nov. 1 in Sudbury and Thunder Bay.

Today's concert in Ottawa was the first stop in the seven-city concert series that is a joint project of CUPE Ontario, the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care and the Ontario Federation of Labour.

"We hope the parents and children of Ottawa have enjoyed this free concert as much as we enjoy putting it on," say CUPE Ontario Vice-President Michael Hurley, who attended the concert.  Lake Superior News News read more....>


City Celebrates Official Reopening of City Hall

THUNDER BAY  ----  November 3, 2009 – The official reopening of Thunder Bay City Hall Re Opening of Thunder Bay City Halltook place today with a flag raising and ribbon cutting, as well as a rededication of the Cenotaph in the new Civic Square. There was also a tribute to Thunder Bay’s first Mayor Saul Laskin, introduction of a bronze sculpture on the outside of City Hall, installation of the original and new time capsules and tours throughout the building.

“We have taken full advantage of mandatory work to the outside of the building to create a functional and beautiful civic space,”said Mayor Lynn Peterson. “The citizens of Thunder Bay now have a more efficient City Hall that reflects our civic pride and gives us a gathering place for civic events.”  Lake Superior News News read more......>


Become a House of Commons Page

THUNDER BAY, November 3, 2009  ---  The Speaker of the House of Commons calls the House of Commons PageHouse to order. A Member rises to ask a question, Hansard in hand. The Clerk of the House makes notes on the daily scroll. A House of Commons Page delivers an urgent message to the Prime Minister.

These are the sounds, sights and pace of a day in the House of Commons. In the Chamber and around Parliament Hill, Pages live and breathe the history and action of one of Canada’s oldest political institutions. Lake Superior News News read more....>



Triple P Positive Parenting Program

THUNDER BAY, ON ---  November 6, 2009  -----  Representatives from over 10 Triple P Positive Parenting Programhealth/social service agencies in the District of Thunder Bay launched the Triple P Positive Parenting Program at a news conference held this morning at the Thunder Bay District Health Unit. A new initiative to this area, Triple P focuses on improving the confidence, knowledge and skills of parents.
The Triple P Positive Parenting Program is an innovative, world-renowned program designed to help parents raise healthy, confident children who have the skills to succeed in life and build positive relationships with others. The program promotes a positive and practical approach to raising children, providing straight-forward, step-by-step approaches. Lake Superior News News 
read more.....>


OPP Forensic Identification Unit Officially Opens In Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 26, 2009 - Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Ontario NewsServices Rick Bartolucci and Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino will be joined by Thunder Bay - Atikokan MPP Bill Mauro and Thunder Bay - Superior North MPP Michael Gravelle and municipal representatives to officially open the new forensic identification unit serving the Ontario Provincial Police and the Thunder Bay Police Service.Lake Superior News News read more...>

Hyer’s Climate Change Targets Adopted by House of Commons

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – November 25, 2009 - It required an Opposition Day Motion to do it, but most of Thunder Bay–Superior North MP Bruce Hyer’s climate change targets proposed in Bill C-311, the Climate Change Accountability Act, have been endorsed by the House of Commons.

The Motion, moved by the Bloc and supported by the New Democrats and Liberals, stated:  Lake Superior News News read more...>



THUNDER BAY, ON - December 14, 2009 - The Board of Directors of the Thunder Bay Thunder Bay Marathon Miles with the GiantMarathon - Miles with the
Giant are pleased to announce that registration for the event on September 19, 2010 is
now open. Individuals can register their participation in the marathon, half-marathon or 5K
races at w w .Lake Superior News News
read more...>

First Nations need to act now:  Madahbee

OTTAWA, ON - December 10, 2009 – Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee is calling on all First Nation citizens to action in a fight against Ontario’s Harmonized Sales Tax. 

“We need to action take action now,” says Madahbee who is the leader of the Anishinabek Nation.  “I encourage other groups in Ontario to keep up the fight against the HST as well.” Lake Superior News Newsread more...>