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Superhero Prize Winner


THUNDER BAY, ON ----   June 21, 2010 --- The results are in!  The draw for Jeff Breckenridge Superhero Prize Package Winner,  Prostate Man cancer awareness campaign. the Superhero Prize Package was held at the Bell Motorcycle Ride for Dad.  The winner is Jeff Breckenridge.  The Superhero Prize Package was a key element in this year's Prostate Man cancer awareness campaign.

Mr. Breckenridge, who, coincidentally, is a prostate cancer survivor, wins a one-year gym membership from PUSH Fitness Centre and a big screen LCD TV and BluRay player from the Power Centre, as well as a library of superhero BluRay DVDs.

The Superhero Prize Package was offered to entice men 50 years of age and over to visit the Prostate Man Recruitment Booth or visit

"We wanted to make them more aware of the simple ways they can reduce their risk for prostate cancer, by talking to their health care provider about their risk for prostate cancer and being active every day," says Alison McMullen, Director of Preventive Oncology at Regional Cancer Care at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. Men were also encouraged to maintain a healthy body weight and eat a healthy low fat diet with at least five servings of veggies and fruit each day.

It seems the dangling carrot was effective: More than 600 men entered the Superhero Prize Package draw.

Glenn Craig of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation noted that there was another motive behind the Superhero Prize Package.
Last year, Ron Hell, who admirably portrayed Prostate Man, hung up his cape, leaving the position open. 

"It's an important job; prostate cancer is responsible for more than one quarter of all cancers and rates are rising here in the Northwest. That's why the Northern Cancer Fund continues to support important awareness campaigns like Prostate Man," Craig says.

Participants were aware that entering the draw did not obligate them to become Prostate Man, nor did it guarantee them the title.  But it did provide a tool for interested men to come forward.  "We've received a lot of serious inquiries," Craig says.  "We hope that through this process, we'll find the right person for the job." 

A committee will now review the ballots to determine how the role of Prostate Man will be filled.  An announcement is anticipated in the coming weeks.

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