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Alzheimer Society Supported


THUNDER BAY, ON – AUGUST 26, 2010: The Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay is pleased to Doris Arnoldannounce that Doris Arnold has renewed her commitment as Patron to the Society for another three years with a donation of $25,000 at the 24th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held last night at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.  Doris first became Patron in 2007 with her generous donation of $25,000 in honour of her late husband John Arnold who died of Alzheimer's disease 18 years ago.

 Doris has been a wonderful Patron and advocate who rarely misses an opportunity to introduce people to the charitable works of the Alzheimer Society. The Society has benefitted greatly from her ongoing support and dedication. Doris' gift will help fund public education and support for local families and people affected by Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.

 Doris says “I am heartened to see a decrease in the stigma associated with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease since John passed in 1992.” Doris attends every event and function that she can and volunteers in a variety of capacities from painting decorative rose bowls and selling tickets for events.

 “We wish to thank Doris and her family, together they are tireless supporters of the Society,” stated Alison Denton, Executive Director of the Alzheimer Society.  “Doris, we wholeheartedly thank you and hope we can help you keep the memory of John alive through our work.”

 The donation was a big surprise to the Society as the room filled with cheers as Doris presented the cheque to Alzheimer Society President Eva Jones.  An increase in human capital to the Board of Directors made the night more exhilarating.

 The following persons were appointment of Officers for 2010 – 2011:

 Eva Jones, President                                        Dr. Trevor Bon, Board Member

Sharon Dawson, Past President                        Rev. Lenora Rowsell, Board Member

Maria Hudolin, Vice President                         Bob Stewart, Board Member

Susan Cole, Secretary                                      Eija Peltokangas, Board Member

Brad Folino, Treasurer                                    Jacklyn Walter, Board Member

Rev. Andre Korstanje, Board Member                         

Sandra Dewsberry, Board Member


The Society adds to a board comprised of professionals in different industries with Bob Stewart, local owner and operator of The Keg and Caribou restaurants, Eija Peltokangas, lawyer and partner of Petrone, Hornak, Garofalo and Mauro and Jacklyn Walter, pharmacist at Janzen`s Pharmacy.

 The Alzheimer Society President, Eva Jones proceeded to thank outgoing members Scott McCormack, lawyer and John Luft, accountant for their 6 years of leadership, dedication and volunteerism.   They have spent countless hours in Board and Committee meetings, and have attended worked at events, sold tickets, rallied friends, neighbours and family to support the cause.

 “John and Scott have lent us both their professional expertise and their passion. These two individuals realize the importance of our community acknowledging this devastating disease and have accepted responsibility in trying to make life better for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and their families. It is my honour to present you both with a small token of our appreciation that you may remember us by.  Although I know you won’t be too far away, please know you will be missed” Jones added. 

 Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive, degenerative brain disorder that destroys vital brain cells.  Alzheimer's disease is the leading form of dementia and currently represents 63% of all dementias. Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias affect an estimated 1 in 11 Canadian seniors. If nothing changes, over 1 million Canadians will have Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia within 25 years

The Ischkinakker Shaker started 7 years ago when two Lakehead University students, Katie Ischkin and Johnny DeBakker wanted to organize an event to bring all of their friends who were studying out of town together during Christmas season.  Katie and John have designated this year’s proceeds to go to the Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay and are pleased to announce the fundraising total of $15,000.  The cheque presentation will be made on Friday, August 20th, 2010.   The media is cordially invited to attend.

Katie and Johnny chose the Alzheimer Society because of personal reasons tied closely to Katie. Last fall, Katie lost her grandfather (papa) who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and throughout her family's journey realized the important role the Alzheimer Society plays in helping families cope with this terrible disease. Katie's papa loved to be around his friends and family and never missed an opportunity to celebrate therefore this year's event is dedicated to papa and an aggressive fundraising goal of $15,000 was set, all of which will go to the Alzheimer Society to continue the great work they do with local families.

“We depend on local support and donations, as the demand for our services continues to grow,” states Alison Denton, Executive Director of the Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay.  “We are thrilled and honoured to be selected as this year’s recipients of proceeds from the Ischkinakker, we are fortunate to have leaders like Katie and John in our community,” said Denton.

Both Katie and Johnny feel that the Alzheimer Society is a very worthy group. “Christmas is a time for being around the people you care about, and this event offers everyone the chance to see friends, old friends, new friends, all the while giving to a very worthy cause!” says Katie Ischkin. Each year a new charity and cause is chosen and about 1,000 Thunder Bay locals attend the event.

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