Marathon PGM Tailings Management Scenario


MARATHON, ON --- July 9, 2010 ---  Members of Citizens for a Mine appreciate and are pleased with Marathon PGM’s decision to abort the Bamoos Lake option.
At the public information meeting on May 27th, Teri Burgess, a member of Citizens for a Responsible Mine, asked the Marathon PGM representatives and consultants if they would consider removing the North/Bamoos option from their formal environmental assessment submission. The response at the meeting was ‘no’, MarathonPGM would not withdraw the option. The recent decision to abort the Bamoos Lake option indicates that Marathon PGM is wisely responding to expanding public input regarding the development of the mine.

Members of Citizens for a Responsible Mine wish to continue to work with Marathon PGM and to press for a thorough, panel review by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency to ensure that we achieve the best tailings management scenario possible.

The ‘South [tailings management] Option’ that is still on the table involves the loss of a total of 44 ponds and 30 streams. One of the estimated twelve dams required for this option would be approximately 89 meters high – the height of a 24 story building - and half a kilometre wide.
We do not yet know the nature of other tailings management options that will be proposed this month.

Because the mine will be so close to Lake Superior, discharge from the tailings areas will have a short run - approximately 6 km - over rocky, high-gradient streams (Angler, Hare, etc) with virtually no mixing before entering the big lake. The lower reaches of these streams are important nursery areas for steelhead, coaster brook trout and other migratory salmonids.
We also need to ensure that the closure plan and the financial assurances posted, estimated by Marathon PGM to be in the order of $8 million, are appropriate.

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