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Mapleward Renewable Generating Station Inaugurated


Thunder Bay, ON – September 8, 2010  ----  Thunder Bay Hydro Renewable Power Incorporated has Mapleward Renewable Generating Station Inauguratedinaugurated the first project under its’ SEED Initiative (Sustainable Electricity Energy Development)  – a 3.2-megawatt electricity generating station that will take harmful methane gas that has been removed from the local landfill and will produce enough electricity to power approximately 3,000 homes annually.

The Mapleward Renewable Generating Station was presented to invited guests and the media in a ribbon cutting ceremony today.  Free tours for the general public will be available at three times during this afternoon.

The generating station will annually harness the power of 263 million cubic feet of methane gas which would otherwise be released into the environment. This gas is produced from decaying organic material in the landfill. The project is under contract with the Ontario Power Authority’s “Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program” which promotes the production of renewable and green energy sources.
The project is the first of its kind in Northwestern Ontario. 

The SEED initiative is part of an overall strategy by Thunder Bay Hydro to develop renewable energy generation in the community and to add value for the company shareholder.

Photo of
Robert Mace, Mayor Lynn Peterson, MPP Bill Mauro, Thunder Bay Hydro Board Chair Ralph Falcioni, Minister Michael Gravelle cut the ribbon for the new Mapleward Renewable Generating Station developed by Thunder Bay Hydro Renewable Power Incorporated.

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