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Thunder Bay’s natural beauty is not for sale

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  October 14, 20101  -----   Members of the Nor’Wester Mountain Escarpment Nor'Wester Mountain RangeProtection Committee, (NMEPC)  wish to publicly thank those councillors (Linda Rydholm, Aldo Ruberto, Joe Virdiramo, Mark Bentz and Frank Pullia) who supported the goals and mission of the group to protect citizens of Thunder Bay and the Nor’Wester Mountain Range. Last night's vote was 7 to 5, with much information still needed so that Council and the people of Thunder Bay understand the true nature of the whole project. We still don’t know the full number of turbines, all their locations, the road access, and what the mountain will look like (i.e. the viewshed) and if any or all of these aspects were taken into consideration. Lake Superior News read more......>

 Wilkinson Backsdown of Eco Tax

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   October  12, 2010   ----In a prepared statement Environment John Wilkinson John Wilkinsonsaid, "On July 1st, a new program run by Stewardship Ontario took effect to divert household hazardous waste from landfills. Ontarians quickly recognized that the program that started July 1 was flawed because it applied to some products that made little sense to consumers -- and forced consumers to pay fees, in some cases inconsistently, on some routine household purchases.

Programs that existed prior to July 1, 2010, which currently divert, recycle and dispose of electronics, tires and household hazardous wastes such as paint and single-use batteries, will continue. To help ensure these programs are fair and transparent, and that money is used solely to keep hazardous waste out of landfills,  Lake Superior News read more......>




THUNDER BAY, ON  -------   October  5, 2010   ---- The Nor’wester Mountain Escarpment Protection Nor'WestersCommittee today released its own Public Consultation Report which outlines their events, news items, meetings and programs held to date regarding the proposed industrial wind farm on the Nor’Wester Mountains.

The original report is being sent to Doris Dumais, Director of the Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch for the Ministry of the Environment. The MOE requires all wind energy project proponents to conduct proper public consultation to satisfy their Renewable Energy Application.  Lake Superior News  read more.....>


 Wind turbines in Lake Superior?

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----  October 1, 2010  ----  Seven wind turbine installations involving 900 turbines Catherine Bayne talks to one of the many individuals who stop at the Ontario Government’s lookout at Alona Bayare being planned for the Algoma region of Lake Superior.  Off-shore installations are planned for Mica Bay and Alona Bay on Lake Superior. These installations will provide a precedent for further installations in the water and along the coast.

Wind turbines in Lake Superior? And the deadline to object is Monday, October 4th.  Aren’t wind turbines in Lake Superior like throwing acid in the face of Mona Lisa? A defilement? A sacrilege?

Catherine Bayne talks to one of the many individuals who stop at the Ontario Government’s lookout at Alona Bay. If the Ontario government’s “green” energy plan has its way, a major installation of wind turbines will stand astride in the cobalt water behind her like flailing Goliaths.  Lake Superior News read more......>



Mapleward Renewable Generating Station Inaugurated

Thunder Bay, ON – September 8, 2010  ----  Thunder Bay Hydro Renewable Power Incorporated has Mapleward Renewable Generating Station Inauguratedinaugurated the first project under its’ SEED Initiative (Sustainable Electricity Energy Development)  – a 3.2-megawatt electricity generating station that will take harmful methane gas that has been removed from the local landfill and will produce enough electricity to power approximately 3,000 homes annually.

The Mapleward Renewable Generating Station was presented to invited guests and the media in a ribbon cutting ceremony today.  Free tours for the general public will be available at three times during this afternoon. Lake Superior News read more......>

 Tournament Anglers Battle Invasive Species

Brooklyn Center, MN - August 25, 2010 --- Wildlife Forever granted $80,000 in Wildlife Foreeverfunding this past spring to seven Great Lake states for media outreach alerting sportsmen and vacationers to Clean - Drain - Dry their boats to help Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!

Fifty highway billboards along major travel routes show what can happen if invasive species go unchecked; contaminating boats and fishing gear, in some cases, a big ticket. Advertisements in popular outdoor publications and angler websites depict images of dead and rotting fish when foreign fish viruses are introduced. Lake Superior News read more......> 


EcoTax on Hold

 THUNDER BAY, ON ----   July 20, 2010  ---   This morning, Dalton McGuinty's Eco Tax on HoldLiberals announced they are scrapping their recently announced eco-tax,imposed while Ontario families were celebrating Canada Day.

Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Party were first to pledge to scrap this unnecessary tax grab, which had absolutely nothing to do with protecting the environment.

Once Tim Hudak shone a light on the eco-tax, other glaring issues came to light: partisan Liberal insiders again leading "arms-length" agencies that took money from Ontario families; A tax implemented so badly that even sophisticated retailers couldn't figure it out; and a minister who simply could not and would not explain why this tax was necessary, or where the money was going. Lake Superior News read more.....>


LRCA NSSA Enhance Fish Habitat on McIntyre River

THUNDER BAY, ON ------   July 20, 2010  ----  North Shore Steelhead Association Partners with Conservation Authority to Enhance Fish Habitat on Bill BartleyTom WhalleyMcIntyre River.

An erosion control project, about to get underway on the McIntyre River, will include an innovative habitat enhancement component.

The McIntyre River, near Central Avenue and Riverside Drive, suffered significant erosion following a major storm in June, 2008.  The on-going erosion will eventually threaten the stability of Riverside Drive; therefore, measures to slow the deterioration of the riverbank are being undertaken by the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority (LRCA).  Lake Superior News  read more ......>



Giant Hogweed Spreading Across Ontario Wisconsin

THUNDER BAY, ON -----   July 11, 2010  ---  Giant hogweed  weed that can Giant Hogweedgrow six metres tall, sprout massive leaves and produce toxic, blindness inducing sap is creeping across Ontario and Wisconsin, however at this time no reports in Minnesota . and parts of British Columbia. The sap can result in severe burns to the affected areas of the skin resulting in severe blistering and painful dermatitisThe leaves on the weed fan out as much as 1.5 metres in diameter. Lake Superior News read more.....>



Marathon PGM Tailings Management Scenario

MARATHON, ON --- July 9, 2010 ---  Members of Citizens for a Mine appreciate and are pleased with Marathon PGM’s decision to abort the Bamoos Lake option.
At the public information meeting on May 27th, Teri Burgess, a member of Citizens for a Responsible Mine, asked the Marathon PGM representatives and consultants if they would consider removing the North/Bamoos option from their formal environmental assessment submission. The response at the meeting was ‘no’, MarathonPGM would not withdraw the option. The recent decision to abort the Bamoos Lake option indicates that Marathon PGM is wisely responding to expanding public input regarding the development of the mine.  Lake Superior News  read more......>

Micro-FIT solar energy system Nipigon Red Rock

NIPIGON, ON   ----   June 16, 2010 ----   Gary Lange of the Nipigon - Red Rock Gary Lange of the Nipigon - Red Rock area turned on the first micro-FIT solar energy system in Northwestern Ontario connected with Hydro-One today. The system installation is located at Gary’s residence, making him a local pioneer for green energy installations. 

A true local entrepreneur, Gary is not only the owner operator of Bowman Island Charters, but as an alternative energy enthusiast, he has been selling off grid solar energy systems for 25 years. The Feed in Tariff program has been in the works for some time, and Gary has been anticipating the program launch, which finally took place in October of 2009. He is first in line to install a system, saying, “It was a no brainier because of the return on investment.” Gary is leading the way to greener energy in Northwestern Ontario  Lake Superior News read more.....>




Peregrine Falcon Survey Underway

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  July 17, 2010  ----  According to the Thunder Bay Peregrine Falcon,Field Naturalists website, prior to the 1960's, the Peregrine Falcon, Falco peregrinus anatum, was a summer breeding resident of Lake Superior's north shore. This continental subspecies vanished from their rocky eyries, primarily as the result of man's use of agricultural pesticides (DDT and its metabolites) in the environment.

In 1973, the Canadian Wildlife Service and the University of Saskatchewan initiated the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Program. In 1989, the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists, with support from the Ministry of Natural Resources, launched Project Peregrine in an attempt to reintroduce this species to the Superior north shore. Lake Superior News  read more....>





Desperate Bear with plastic pail on its head


THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   July 21, 2010 -----  Residents of a Summer Cottage Desperate Black Bear Pain on Headcommunity just east of Thunder Bay are very upset  about the MNR being unable to rescue a young bear with  a  plastic jar lodged on the head.

Last week the bear was spotted  on highway 11 17 about 30 km east of Thunder Bay.  Workmen doing highway construction work  tried to remove the jar from the bear head unsuccessfully.  When residents on this past  Monday contacted Bear Wise they were told that they had received a   number of calls about the bear. Lake Superior News  read more....>







City Engaging Expert  to Review Big Thunder Wind Park Project 

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  September 21, 2010 – Following an update Monday on legal and property matters Tim  Commissorelated to the proposed Big Thunder Wind Park, the City is engaging an external expert to review information requested on the project in order to bring a report for a decision by City Council in open session on Oct. 4, 2010.

City Council has authorized Administration to engage an expert to review information previously requested on the project, particularly with respect to financial data on each turbine and view sheds that illustrate their locations.

The Big Thunder Wind Farm development is proposed for lands owned by the City and has been the subject of a number of Council meetings over the past six months.

“The City is being thorough in its due diligence and it is important that we deal with this project in a timely way,” said Tim Commisso, City Manager.  Lake Superior News read more.....>





Silent Running

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  June 9, 2010  ----  This summer Art Burns is making Art Burnsan epic journey. He is traveling from Dundas Ontario to Langley B.C. by e-bike. “No-one has made this kind of trip on a scooter style electric bike” says Art.  It will put these e-bikes to the test. His ride is a Velotec Challenger  RSV e-bike. His bike is equipped with a set of lithium ion batteries which is out of the ordinary for this model. The bike features a front disk brake which Art feels would be needed due to the extra weight he will be carrying on this trip and the hills in British Columbia. Lake Superior Newsread more...>


Arbor Day Celebrates 650 New Trees in Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON - May 19, 2010 – The 4th Annual Arbor Day celebration was held on Saturday May 15 at the Current River Community Centre, with 650 new trees planted in and around Boulevard Lake. Lake Superior Newsread more...>

Citizen Group Wants Rigorous Review of Proposed Mine

MARATHON, ON  ---   May 14,  2010  ----  “Citizens for a Responsible Bamoos LakeMine” (CRM) is a group of people centered in Marathon, Ontario who would like to support Marathon PGM Corporation in its efforts to develop and operate a clean, responsible mine. These people welcome the PGM mine into their community AND seek a rigorous environmental assessment of the project in an effort to achieve a mine that benefits the community and respects the natural environment. Lake Superior News read more......>

A Look at Electric Cars

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---   May 10, 2010 --- New gadgets are coming to North Chev  RevoltAmerican roads in the next couple of years. The first generation of electric vehicles will be unleashed on the public. These cars will not be hybrid or partially powered by electricity but completely powered by on board high energy density batteries.  Lake Superior News read more....>

Hyer's Key Climate Change Bill Adopted

OTTAWA – May 5, 2010 --- The country’s only federal climate change bill Bruce Hyerpassed a final vote in the House of Commons Wednesday night with the support of New Democrat, Bloc, and Liberal MPs. The bill was introduced in February 2009 by Thunder Bay – Superior North MP Bruce Hyer as a private member’s bill, and has survived numerous roadblocks and delays before tonight’s successful vote. Lake Superior News read  more.....>



THUNDER BAY, ON - April 30, 2010 - The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce is very Jamie Limpleased to announce that we will be hosting a Breakfast with the Ontario Forest Industries Association (OFIA) President, Jamie Lim. This event will take place on Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at the Travelodge Hotel Airlane.Lake Superior News read more...>



Citizens Give City Passing Grade in Environmental Initiative Poll

THUNDER BAY, ON - April 23, 2010 – Sixty-three percent of residents rate the overall quality of the environment in The City of Thunder Bay as good or excellent according to an IPSOS Reid Poll released today that looked at citizen opinion on municipal solutions for a greener earth. Seventy-five percent of citizens think the City is doing a reasonably good job preserving and protecting the environment.Lake Superior News read more...>

School children visit First Light I Solar Park to kick off Earth Week

STONE MILLS/NAPANEE, ON - April 15, 2010 -  As part of their curriculum leading up to Earth Week, students from two Limestone District public schools in the Stone Mills and Napanee area visited the 9.1 MW First Light I Solar Park today.  Students learned first-hand how solar photovoltaic (PV) power works, its environmental impact, and the key role that solar plays in helping to create a brighter future for Canada's next generation.   First Light I is the first fully-operational, utility-scale solar park in Canada and winner of CanSIA's ground-mount "2009 Solar PV Project of the Year." Lake Superior Newsread more...>

World Water Day: First Nations Awash in Unsafe Water

OTTAWA, ON - March 22, 2010 – Every day, 2 million tons of sewage and industrial waste are dumped into waterways around the world, while one child under five dies every 20 seconds from water-related diseases, according to a United Nation report released on the 17th annual World Water Day. The UN designated March 22 of each year to raising awareness of the water challenges facing the planet.Lake Superior News read more...>

Living with Wolves

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 18, 2010 - Wolves are an important part of our ecosystem, Gray Wolfand contribute to Ontario’s rich biodiversity.  The presence of wolves is a good indication that our natural spaces are healthy. 

Ontario’s wolf populations are found from the southern edge of the Canadian Shield north throughout the boreal forest and Hudson-Bay Lowlands.  Wolf sightings south of this area (e.g., southern Ontario) are rare.  Lake Superior News read more...>


 Five-year blueprint for rescuing the Great Lakes ecosystem

TRAVERSE CITY, MICH.–-  February 21, 2010 – U.S. Environmental Asian carpProtection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson has released an action plan to guide the Obama Administration’s historic efforts to restore the Great Lakes. The action plan, which the administrator unveiled at a Sunday meeting with governors from the Great Lakes states, lays out the most urgent threats facing the Great Lakes and sets out goals, objectives and key actions over the next five years to help restore the lakes. Lake Superior News read more.....>



City Active in Climate Change Initiatives

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 8, 2009 – The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) today released the report, “Act Locally: The Municipal Role in Fighting Climate Change” to position municipalities as key players at the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) from Dec. 7-18 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Lake Superior Newsread more...>

Big Thunder Wind Park

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 10, 2009 - Says Antony Zwig, Chief Executive Officer for Horizon Wind Inc.Horizon Wind Inc.: “Horizon Wind Inc. entered into a land lease agreement in good faith with the City of Thunder Bay in 2007 for the potential development of a wind farm that could produce up to 30 megawatts of electricity near Big Thunder in the Municipality of Neebing. Lake Superior News read more...>

Rossport Wilson Island Archipelago Protected

 THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO,  ROSSPORT, ONTARIO,  -------  September 27, 2009  -----  The Nature Conservancy CanadaWilson Islands, eight-island archipelago just off Rossport Ontario near Nipigon Bay, Lake Superior  have been purchased from private owners and will become a Canadian federal natural area under the joint deal backed by the Nature Conservancy, government of Canada and government of Ontario.

Wilson Island group is a cluster of eight islands. Wilson is by far the largest island, and has north-facing cliffs on water and land, canyons, raised basalt beaches and an unexplored interior. These qualities provide suitable habitat for peregrine falcons and bald eagles. The cool marine climate supports a number of arctic-alpine species and vegetation communities particular to this region. Wilson Island's coves, coldwater beaches and rare coastal wetlands provide essential habitat for lake trout and whitefish.  Lake Superior News read more......>



Ontario Seeks Public Input On Elk Management

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 24, 2009 - The Ontario government is looking for Elkfeedback on a proposed plan that will help support a healthy and self-sustaining elk population.

After disappearing in the 1800s, elk were reintroduced to four areas of the province a decade ago. Over the last 10 years, the Ministry of Natural Resources and its partners have focused on re-establishing and monitoring the species in Ontario. Lake Superior News
read more...>



Ontario Resolves Litigation Dispute Over Big Trout Lake Property

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 15, 2009 - Ontario has reached an agreement to settle Ontario logolitigation with Platinex Inc. that will provide greater certainty to the company and allow the Province to continue to build its relationship with Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (KI) a First Nations community. Lake Superior Newsread more...>




Government Taking Steps To Prevent Spread Of Asian Carp

THUNDER BAY, ON - January 7, 2010 - Ontario is supporting legal efforts by Michigan and Asian Carpother American states to prevent the spread of Asian carp into the Great Lakes. The move recognizes the significant economic threat these fish pose to the province's fisheries. A legal brief from the Province has been filed with the United States Supreme Court supporting Michigan's motion for a preliminary injunction to close the locks in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal. The closure is one of a number of measures sought by Michigan to keep this invasive species from passing into Lake Michigan. Lake Superior News read more...>


Public Meetings: Invitation to Comment on Kam River & Islands Land Use

THUNDER BAY, ON - January 11, 2010 – The City of Thunder Bay Planning Division, in cooperation with Fort William First Nation, is holding two public meetings on Jan. 21 and 30 to gather information, ideas and suggestions for the future mix of land uses within the Kam River and Mission and McKellar Islands, including the lands along both sides of the river from below Mountdale Ave. to the lakefront. Lake Superior Newsread more...>