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TBRII Makes its Mark


THUNDER BAY, ON ----  September 22, 2010 -- It is a good thing to be invited out to a press conferance Dr Rui Wang.and witness something good in the making. While it was established not that long ago the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute is beginning to make its mark on the international scientific community, and in so doing establish Thunder Bay as a place of expertise in the scientific community.

Dr. Rui Wang likes being associated with TBRRI. He says “you must have imagination to be a research scientist” and “Many people in the city do not even know we are here!”  One of the things that Dr. Wang (Vice President of Research, Lakehead University) is its ability to work with global partners. He asks the question, “Why Thunder Bay?” There are many reasons why a scientist would find out city attractive as a work place. His first item on the list is the motivating environment. When it comes to research some of the very best people from around the worlds are gathered here to work on specific projects, Like medical imaging technology. The small but effective research team has the ability to get things done, Wang says.

Dr. Alla Reznik was one of the first research scientists hired by the institute, her speciality is medical imaging technology, and she has been one of the personalities behind this weeks Three day “1st International Workshop on Advanced Technologies for Radiation Medical Imaging.
One thing she likes about working in our city is the ability to work globally while at the same time assemble the local team and resources to do effective research.

Dr  Alla ReznikThe theme for the TBRRI is “Bringing Discoveries to Life”.  If Dr. Michael Wood (VP Research for TBRRI and TBRHSC) there will be more than Discoveries. His is the very real task of bringing these discoveries to the market in record time. Every detail in the organization that is TBRII is focused to make sure that once a technology has proven itself, the products of the research will be able to impact peoples loves through new and better medical imaging devices.

This week the conference attracted 40 professional scientists from across Canada and the United States. It is a beginning and a seed that will grow over time as research activity begins to develop even more in Thunder Bay. The intent of the conference is to form collaborative relationships that will foster better science. These scientists will develop the next generation of medical imaging technology. Devices such as “Positron Emission Mammography, diagnostic cardiac imaging and so on. In looking at the mathematics on the notes I saw on the convention floor, I am glad that they did not get into the specifics of their work at the press conference. Some things are best left to the professionals, but it is comforting that their work will make a difference in hospitals in Thunder Bay and around the world. Research is the best tool we have to keep public health care viable, and some of that work is being done right here in Thunder Bay.

Bert Rowson

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