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Nipigon Nylons Make You Smile


THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  June  20, 2010 ---  At one time wool work socks Nipigon Nylons Make You Smilewere common in all of the dry goods stores in Northern Ontario. They were warm, they could breath, they were good for work out of doors, and the socks were tough and durable just like our pioneers. It was not long before men and women alike owned a pair or two. The story goes that a group of women were at a meeting and they were all sporting a pair of northern socks, and the term “Nipigon Nylons” was coined. It has been with us ever since.

So the “Nipigon Nylons” refer to our heritage socks and not a local rock band. The concept for the modern concept was developed by Nipigon’s New Beginnings Circle, which is affiliated with the Paro Centre in Thunder Bay. Founded in 2000, the “circle” works to make their community a better place to be and live. The circle hosts two women’s networking dinners each year, and they are also responsible for the nifty display and photo booth in the Nipigon tourist pavilion where you can have your picture taken while sporting a genuine pair of “Nipigon Nylons”. Members of the New Beginnings Circle are Levina Collins, Patricia Dellaceccea, Tasha Sutton, Norma Fawcett, and Linda Harbinson.
Most people do not do the hard physical outdoor work that our predecessors did. Nipigon Nylons are not needed to teach school or work in a hospital or restaurant. You can go to Wal-Mart and purchase a whole bag of socks for the cost of one pair of the genuine northern sock, but the chances are they Nipigon Nylon will outlast the lot. Sporting a pair of these socks on a wintery day in Toronto will set you apart from the crowd and perhaps even cause a trendy comment or two.

Since the socks was trademarked in 2008 Nipigon Nylons have gone global, well at least from Nipigon to Afghanistan and even to the North Pole. There are a few local outlets that sell the socks, but you can order yours by contacting Tasha Sutton at and she will be happy to mail you a pair for $9.95 plus tax and shipping. Get them now and you will have a nice gift .

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