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Hunter Fined $1,500 For Shooting Moose From Roadway


THUNDER BAY, ON - May 14, 2010 - A hunter from Tweed has been fined for illegal MNRhunting.  Jamie Palmateer was fined $1,500 for shooting a moose from the roadway.

Court heard that on October 10, 2009, a conservation officer doing a routine patrol on Highway 105 in Perrault Falls near Kenora came across Palmateer and others retrieving a cow moose from the east side of the highway. Palmateer claimed he shot the moose from the ditch. The next day conservation officers and a canine unit returned to the site and found casings over 100 metres away from where Palmateer said he shot the moose. Forensic testing matched the casings to Palmateer’s gun.

Justice of the Peace Robert McNally heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice, Kenora, on May 4, 2010.

The ministry reminds hunters that it is illegal to shoot from, down or across a public road.

To report a natural resources violation, call 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667) toll-free any time or contact your local ministry office during regular business hours. You can also call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

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