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Environmental Law Specialist 
Dianne Saxe, PhD 
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Kevin Gaudet
 Canadian Taxpayers Federation 
Kevin Gaudet, Ontario Director CTF -  
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Maggie Chicoine
 Maggie Chicoine
Master Coach and Professional Speaker
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Elle Andra-Warner
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Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Canadian Taxpayers Federation




Canada’s justice system needs is less ice cream and pensions

THUNDER BAY, ON -----  October 24, 2010  -----  Many Canadian citizens are understandably agitated over recent stories about how some of our most notorious criminals are getting sweet-heart treatment at taxpayers’ expense. It is past time that our criminal justice system stopped coddling wrong-doers and emphasized that prison is also about punishment. Prison should not be fun. It should not be a place for treats, ice cream and entitlement payments. It is time to end the hug-a-thug-athon that has been going on in Canada.

Only in Canada could someone serving 11 concurrent 25-year sentences for murder collect more than $1,169 a month for OAS and the GIS. But that’s how it is with senior citizen Clifford Olson.   read more.....>

72% of Canadians believe the registry has been unsuccessful

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  September 22, 2010  ----  Later this afternoon, Parliamentarians will vote on a motion that seeks to kill a private members bill to end the federal long-gun registry.  Bill C-391 passed second reading last November with the help of 12 New Democrats, eight Liberals and one independent.  Each of those MPs has been worked over by special interests and party bosses like a piñata in an effort to get them to change their vote.  Today, they stand to be counted.

MPs who change their vote on the registry fuel voter cynicism that politicians are not to be trusted. Further, to many Canadians – gun owners and non-gun owners alike -- the registry has been a symbol of government waste for 15 years. Keeping the registry sends a message that those people don’t have a voice in Ottawa when they thought they did  read more.......>

Raising tobacco taxes not the answer to deficits

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----  August 10, 2010 ----  The growing black market for cigarettes in Canada is becoming a larger and larger problem. It is a source of violent and organized crime and it deprives governments of the full taxes from the sale of a legal product. To deal with this problem, governments must not further hike tobacco taxes, as doing so merely spurs black market trade.   read more......>

Stockwell's Day of Reckoning

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 18, 2010 - The Prime Minister has invested great trust and responsibility in Stockwell Day, having given him the role of Treasury Board Minister. His primary responsibility will be to get federal spending back under control. How this job is handled will dictate, to a great extent, how this government will be judged in the future for its fiscal management. The important outcome of the fiscal day of reckoning for the Harper government will rest in the hands of Minister Day. read more...>

Harper Legacy - No end in sight to deficits

OTTAWA, ON - March 5, 2010 - The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) responded today to the 2010 Federal Budget expressing with great dismay that the Harper government continues to delay efforts to balance the federal budget. read more...>

GST Hike A Bad Idea

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 8, 2010 - Kudos to Liberal MP Gerard Kennedy for having let the tax-hike genie out the bottle. Recently, he went on national TV and speculated that Canadians would accept a hike in the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Mr. Kennedy deserves credit for putting this policy proposal in the window. It is only through such open and honest debate that such a poor idea can be thoroughly and resoundingly debunked and rejected. read more...>

Resolutions for 2010: Honesty First




Lowdown on New Year Tax Changes for 2010


Free Vote Needed to End Wasteful Long-Gun Registry



Woodstock Hangover: Spend Now, Pay Later

THUNDER BAY, ON - August 21, 2009 - How many can remember the summer of ’69?   was President of the United States. Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister of Canada. Germany was two countries. The USSR was the enemy.
The Beatles “Hey Jude” was number one on the charts. The Vancouver Canucks, Ottawa Senators, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, Quebec Nordiques and Winnipeg Jets hadn’t yet played a game in the NHL. Nobody owned a cell phone, laptop, iPod or a flat screen LCD TV.  In cash, ones and twos were paper not coins. 
read more...>


THUNDER BAY ----   November 2, 2009 -----   One would think scrapping an extremely Long Guns wasteful program like the gun registry would be easy. Of course, as it turns out, things don’t work that way in Ottawa. What started out as one piece of legislation that would end the registry, grew to three and is now back to one. In early November a vote is expected in Parliament on MP Candice Hoeppner’s Private Member’s Bill C-391, which would end the wasteful long-gun registry. As has been the tradition with Private Members’ Bills, all MPs should be allowed to vote freely on this bill.

The long-gun registry has proven to be the most wasteful program in the country. It even dwarfs Ontario’s recent $1 billion eHealth scandal. The road to ending this waste has been very long and difficult.  read more......>



Christmas Wishlist for Tax Payers

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 7, 2009  - Christmas season is upon us and people all over Canada are sending Santa their wish lists. We in The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) released our wish list recently. We asked the government for a deficit action plan to balance the budget over three years. This would be a gift to taxpayers that would keep on giving as it would head off inevitable tax hikes  that will be forced upon Canadians if our federal debt grows to record levels as planned. read more...>



OTTAWA, ON - December 29, 2009 -  The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today released its annual New Year Tax Change calculations which provide projected personal income and payroll tax changes taking effect January 1st, 2010.

CTF researchers calculated the changes for a variety of income levels and family scenarios while adjusting 2009 income levels for inflation. read more...>

Copenhagen Grifters Plan $3,000 Con


THUNDER BAY, ON - December 16, 2009 - Would you be upset if you knew your government was about to get duped in a con that would cost your family at least $3,000 a year in new taxes? That is exactly what is happening in Copenhagen right now.

The developing world has teamed up with global warming activists in Copenhagen at the world climate conference. Together they are planning the big con. Key to the con is to play on the eco-guilt of the developed world; using it to scam cash from ‘rich countries,’ and transferring it to the developing world; all in the name of ‘ending climate change.’ The Copenhagen grifters are hoping to cash the cheques before the developing world wakes up to the con. read more...>




THUNDER BAY, ON - December 31, 2009 - As the end of the year approaches many people take stock of the year that was and make resolutions for the year to come. If politicians did this they first would realize that there is much work to be done.

The political year of 2009 in Canada was – yet again – marked too often by hypocrisy and self-interest. Looking forward to 2010 there are many ways which politicians could raise the bar higher. Start with more honesty in politics, focusing on making Canada more prosperous, instead of only worrying about grabbing and holding on to power for its own sake. Here are suggestions for a few of Canada’s political leaders. read more...>