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Thunder Bay, ON ----  October 4, 2010  ----   Due to tremendous audience response, robust ticket sales, L to R: Janna Polzin, Susan Henley, Paula Wolfson, Troy Adams, Francisco Trujilloand extraordinary demand for another chance to see the show again, Magnus Theatre is proud to announce the hold over of THE LIGHT GETS IN: The Words and Music of Leonard Cohen, conceived and directed by Bryden MacDonald. The very successful run will now be extended until Saturday October 9th, to also give those who haven’t experienced it yet, a change to see it. (In Photo L to R: Janna Polzin, Susan Henley, Paula Wolfson, Troy Adams, Francisco Trujillo)

THE LIGHT GETS IN is a reinterpretation of the previous hit at Magnus entitled SINCERELY A FRIEND. Bryden MacDonald returned to Magnus to direct the show he envisioned using some of Cohen's finest work to create the most unique of musical events showcasing the words and song of a Canadian Ic on.

The extraordinary poetry and music of Leonard Cohen grapples with issues of sex, spirituality, religion, and power.  It still delivers an emotional wallop, as powerful and overwhelming as it did when he first arrived on the scene more than 40 years ago. Five singers, five “beautiful losers”, bare their souls through song, reliving the heartbreak and hope that Cohen brilliantly brought to life in his music; letting the light into their shrouded lives. This remarkable evening of music includes such songs as Everybody Knows, Suzanne, Bird On A Wire, I'm Your Man, and Closing Time.

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