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Said the Whale, “Islands Disappear”


THUNDER BAY, ON - October 31, 2009 - What happens when Said the Whale goes on a Said The Whaleroad-trip of Canada? Well, they have problems, get some inspiration, and make an album, of course. “Islands Disappear”, the band’s latest CD, has already made its way onto the Top 50 Alternative Albums in Canada, and for good reason; “Islands Disappear” is an awesome album. Said the Whale manufactures some genius between themselves, and the product of their creative efforts is this gem of an album; cool, laid-back, somehow both mellow and upbeat and every alternative-music lovers must-have.  Songs are short and sweet; road-trip to “B.C Orienteering”, dance to the band’s first single, “Camillo”, and chill to “False Creek Change”, because this album is as versatile as it is fun. Not a fan of alternative? Listen anyway. Said the Whale’s clever lyrics and bright riffs make for a welcome exception to anyone’s musical tastes; this album is literally for anyone.

“Islands Disappear” was released October 13th, kicking off Said the Whale’s tour that started October 15th in Ottawa and will end in Kelowna B.C on November 9th, but not before stopping by at The Apollo in Thunder Bay on the 31st. 

by Kaela Morin

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