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Jordana Divinorum open for Misfits


THUNDER BAY ----   November 4, 2009  ---  Years and years ago, before everyone had Jordanahigh speed internet and TV hadn’t even thought of ‘Cribs’ or ‘My Super Sweet 16’, going to see local bands was how you spent your evening, and Jordana Divinorum wants it back. The band, consisting of Matt Baumann (vocals/guitar), Ray Barnwell (drummer), Scott Hobbs (keyboard), Ryan Hughes (bass), and Rob Tremblay (guitar), have been through the local music scene’s ups and downs; “People don’t seem to want to go see bands anymore, there’s too much to do”. Too much facebook and illegal downloading, maybe too much MTV to watch, but without local support, fledgling bands and genuine musical talent have no place to grow and thrive; not that Jordana Divinorum could be considered ‘fledgling’. The band has been a name change (previously ‘Jordana and the Bastard Hammers’) and several line-up changes in their four years, and have racked up enough playing time, resources, and fans to release their first album, “The End of Entertainment”, which is expected shortly into the new year, along with a 2 to 3 week tour in Southern Ontario.

But until they find the fabled fame and fortune, Jordana Divinorum will be opening for The Misfits on November 5th at Roxy’s, Thunder Bay. The Misfits, who’ve gone through numerous line-up changes of their own (including at one point, Marky Ramone), have been around since 1977, since then bringing the horror punk sub-genre into mainstream with past hits like “Night of the Living Dead” and “Astro Zombies”.

 Kaela Morin
Arts Reporter

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