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Lake Superior Art Gallery is pleased to be able to print your favourite photographs onto stretched canvas.  Your image will be done in gallery wrap style which means that your image is wrapped around the sides of the stretched canvas, providing a three dimensional appearance.

Community Arts & Heritage Education Project’s Art Cards for 2010

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  December 6, 2010   -----   Every year, local non-profit arts education Community Arts & Heritage Education Project (CAHEP) organization, Community Arts & Heritage Education Project (CAHEP) produces a series of art cards to be used as a fundraiser.  All of the proceeds from our card sales are put directly back into providing accessible, quality arts education programming for the schools and community of Thunder Bay.  The artwork on these has been created by learners participating in CAHEP’s programming.

CAHEP empowers children and youth in the community of Thunder Bay by creating and implementing accessible, multi-disciplinary arts and heritage programming and resources.  Through this, people will discover the joy of arts and heritage within their own lives and create a legacy by fostering a commitment to culture. Lake Superior News read more.......>

Back to the Glory Days

THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  November 24, 2010  ---- Thirty-two years ago Consortium Aurora Borealis Robert Van Wyckbegan its first concert series in Thunder Bay. Then the young and energetic Elizabeth Ganiatsos was a music history teacher working out of the infamous Black Shack at L.U’s campus. Her passion then and now is the performance of early music, especially that from the Elizabeth the 1st of England.

It was easy for her to recruit students and musicians from the university to help her produce these concerts and many of her history students found themselves on stage at one time or another. As the season’s progressed the group began to perform in period dress. Elizabeth would scour the fashion journals of the era and over a period of years managed to costume the entire troop. It was all part of the show, no matter that the bloomers would not stay up. The addition of costumes and dancers to the productions added a visual element to her concerts and the largely amateur musicians did an admirable job they too relied on the visual element to help make the concert a success. Lake Superior News read more......>

 Romantic Muses Consortium Aurora Borealis

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  November 15, 2010  ---  Consortium Aurora Borealis has a reputation for providing some truly memorable concerts for Thunder Bay audiences. The Chopin-Schumann Anniversary concert (They both would have celebrated their 200th birthday this year) was  played by pianists Heather Morrison and Derek Oger, and clarinettist Peter Shackelton.  The performers, the music and perhaps even the weather outside seemed to be the right combination to get people coming to the concert in record numbers.

Once inside, the audience was treated to a feast of romantic piano works beginning with Frederik Chopin’s “Prelude in C# minor” beautifully played by Heather Morrison.  She then followed the music with some tasteful and relaxed and definitely humorous readings from the period. I found her readings added insight and variety to the programme and more importantly added a human element to the programme. Lake Superior Newsread more.....>


THUNDER BAY, ON ----  November 5, 2010   ----   Award-winning vocalist, harmonica player and Tracy Ksongwriter Tracy K brings her versatile talent, energy and charisma to the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra in a cabaret concert a la Cotton Club featuring a tribute to the music of Billie Holiday. The TBSO is celebrating it's 50th Gold Anniversary and the concert promises to be an enchanted evening of romantic blues ballads and toe-tapping hot jazz reflecting an era when men wore hats and ladies dressed in evening gowns. The second half of the show will feature songs from the roaring twenties and five Tracy K original blues and swing-style compositions. St. Ignatius High School's own music teacher Mr. Ted Vaillant arranged the scores and will be performing on trumpet. Other local musicians involved are Rodney Brown on banjo, Damon Dowbak on mandolin, and Jamie Steinhoff on acoustic guitar and dobro.

After a decade of jazz and blues performances as a solo artist under her belt, Tracy K has reached an apex in her performance stature after being selected to perform with the orchestra. Having always dreamed of performing her favourite Billie Holiday classics the way they were originally recorded, she claims that she "can hear the orchestration in my head even when singing these songs with a trio or quartet - talk about a dream come true!" But this dream also comes with a bittersweet lining - Ms. K lost her mother on Mother's Day weekend. Tracy was anticipating her mother's attendance for the glamourous event, a sort of reward after years of watching her last born build a music career in the sometimes harsh performance climates - better known as paying your dues. Lake Superior News read more.....>

Thunder Bay Art Gallery Sells Inukshuks to China

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 5, 2010 – The power of the Internet and a local business in Thunder PR Armstrong opens new facility in China 28-10-2010Bay came together in the sale of Canadian art to China. “Lake Superior Art Gallery was proud to provide 80 Inukshuks to Armstrong Fluid Systems for the official opening of their Shanghai Facility in China,” stated JP Fraser, owner of the Lake Superior Art Gallery Art Gallery.Lake Superior Newsread more...>



 Review By Thomas Joseph Harperland: The Politics of Control

 THUNDER BAY, ON  -----  Octobert 22, 2010  ---  Lawrence Martin’s book should be an immediate read for HarperLandevery Canadian. As a Globe and Mail political columnist in Ottawa covering Parliament Hill, he has been front and centre observing the workings of Parliament and the antics of our parties and politicians.

This book chronicles the political behavior and tactics of Stephen Harper and his Conservative Government. It briefly traces Harper’s victory over Stockwell Day for the leadership of the Canadian Alliance Party and the subsequent merging with the Progressive Conservative Party. The main focus begins with the 2004 federal election and continues through to the present. Martin’s account is peppered with observations and comments by key Harper advisors and staff.

Thomas W. Joseph is a long-time observer of Canadian politics having taught Canadian Studies at Confederation College and Lakehead University for over 30 years  Lake Superior News read more....>

  “Sing for the Health of it” Fort William Male Choir

THUNDER BAY, ON  -------  Octobert 21, 2010   -----  This year the Fort William Male Choir will do something Sing for the Health of itdifferent for their annual “Prelude to Christmas” concert. Thunder Bay’s oldest musical institution has teamed up with “Prostate Cancer Canada Network – Thunder Bay” to help promote awareness of this disease.

Accordingly the theme for this season’s concert will be “Sing for the Health of it” and a portion of the proceeds will go to Prostate Cancer Canada Network – Thunder Bay. In the photo above choir president Gerald Trembley , Phil Junnila, spokesperson for PCCN-Thunder Bay, and choir vice-president Don Harris Jr. are taking part in a meet and greet event at the Prosvita hall on Simpson Street. Members of the two organizations will use a beef on a bun occasion to get to know one another. It is important if the two groups are to maximize the promise of this collaboration. Don Harris Jr. and Phil Junnila agree that this project is a perfect fit for their respective organizations.  Lake Superior News read more  ........>

 TEMPTING PROVIDENCE Theatre Newfoundland Labrador’s production

Thunder Bay, ON –    October 20, 2010     ----     In celebration of the International Year of the Nurse, Magnus TEMPTING PROVIDENCETheatre proudly presents its second show of the main stage season, Theatre Newfoundland Labrador’s production of TEMPTING PROVIDENCE by Robert Chafe.  Hailed by critics internationally as “spectacular,” “extraordinary,” and “a beautifully crafted artwork that speaks to an entire nation built by people such as Bennett,” TEMPTING PROVIDENCE has toured extensively since its premiere in 2000, playing more than 350 performances across Canada and abroad. Lake Superior News read more.....>

Moving towards an Arts & Culture Policy for Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON -----   September 24, 2010  -----  The common area of Confederation College’s Callie Hemsworth and Todd Dufresne Shuniah building was the site of a public forum the developing Arts and Culture Policy for Thunder Bay. The event was organised by Leah Bailey, arts and culture co-ordinator for the city of Thunder Bay.

Naturally the room was full of people interested in the Arts of all descriptions. In this photo, Callie Hemsworth (Coordinator Recreation and Culture Planning, City of Thunder Bay) is in conversation with Todd Dufresne (Director of the Advanced Institute for Globalization and Culture). Todd’s group will present Lewis Milestone’s classic 1928 silent film “The Garden of Eden” Saturday September 25th at Lakehead University’s Centre Theatre 1017. The silent film will be professionally accompanied by Andrei Streliaev at the piano. The free event begins at 7:00 pm. Lake Superior News   read more.....>


Where on Earth is My Bike?

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   October 10, 2010   ----  “Where on Earth is My Bike?” is a documentary film Paul Morralee in Afticiaby local filmmaker Paul Morralee that follows the activities of donated bicycles in Africa and was produced by Bicycles for Humanity - Thunder Bay.

In March he travelled with the Chairman of Bicycles for Humanity – Thunder Bays’, Steve Klassen, to see how the investment of bikes to Africans have changed lives. The documentary featuring ten bicycle owners expressing their journey since receiving their donated bike. Featured also is the micro-businesses climate that has developed in the opening of bicycle shops and repair facilities. Lake Superior News  read more......>






Thunder Bay Art Gallery Christmas House Tour

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  October 28, 2010  ------ The 10th Annual Thunder Bay Art Gallery Christmas House Tour is the perfect warm up for the holiday season..

Last year over 800 people supported the Art Gallery through their purchase of House Tour tickets and attendance.

Four executive homes, as well as the Art Gallery, are given the royal decorating treatment by five professional businesses.

The public gets a chance to take a self-guided tour of each home to discover what’s hot in the latest decorating trends.

The Candlelight Tour is unique, taking place Saturday, November 13, from 6pm – 9pm, culminating in an enchanting reception at the Art Gallery from 8pm – 10pm.

The House Tour is one of the Gallery’s major annual fundraising events. All money raised stays at the Gallery to assist in the delivery of Gallery programs. Lake Superior News read more.....>

Review “Tempting Providence”

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   October 23, 2010   ----   Magnus Theatre’s current production, “Tempting Providence” tells a remarkable story. Newfound & Labradors nurse Myra Bennett is a story of dedication, commitment and outright courage. Perhaps it is true that truth is stranger than fiction.

This year marks the international year of the Nurse. My companion for the evening happens to be a nurse and she was fully prepared for a great nursing story. Magnus Theatre delivered the goods. The story begins with Myra Grimsby’s (played by Deidre Gillard-Rowlings) arrival in out-port Newfoundland in the 1920’s. She was born, raised and educated in England where she also nursed for 10 years. When hearing of the urgent need for nursing care in Saskatchewan she headed to Canada. Somewhere along the line she was convinced to come to Newfoundland where the need for care was even more urgent.  Lake Superior News  read more.....>

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Thunder Bay Art Gallery Christmas House Tour

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  October 28, 2010  ------ The 10th Annual Thunder Bay Art Gallery Christmas House Tour is the perfect warm up for the holiday season..

Last year over 800 people supported the Art Gallery through their purchase of House Tour tickets and attendance.

Four executive homes, as well as the Art Gallery, are given the royal decorating treatment by five professional businesses.

The public gets a chance to take a self-guided tour of each home to discover what’s hot in the latest decorating trends.

The Candlelight Tour is unique, taking place Saturday, November 13, from 6pm – 9pm, culminating in an enchanting reception at the Art Gallery from 8pm – 10pm.

The House Tour is one of the Gallery’s major annual fundraising events. All money raised stays at the Gallery to assist in the delivery of Gallery programs. Lake Superior News read more.....>


Thunder Bay, ON ----  October 4, 2010  ----   Due to tremendous audience response, robust ticket sales, L to R: Janna Polzin, Susan Henley, Paula Wolfson, Troy Adams, Francisco Trujilloand extraordinary demand for another chance to see the show again, Magnus Theatre is proud to announce the hold over of THE LIGHT GETS IN: The Words and Music of Leonard Cohen, conceived and directed by Bryden MacDonald. The very successful run will now be extended until Saturday October 9th, to also give those who haven’t experienced it yet, a change to see it. (In Photo L to R: Janna Polzin, Susan Henley, Paula Wolfson, Troy Adams, Francisco Trujillo)

THE LIGHT GETS IN is a reinterpretation of the previous hit at Magnus entitled SINCERELY A FRIEND. Bryden MacDonald returned to Magnus to direct the show he envisioned using some of Cohen's finest work to create the most unique of musical events showcasing the words and song of a Canadian Ic on. Lake Superior News read more  .....>

 Silent Movie a Treat

THUNDER BAY ----  September 29, 2010   --------  Lakehead University’s Batia Stolar introduces the silent movie classic “The Garden Of Eden” The Screening of Lewis Milestone’s 1928 film was accompanied at the piano by Andrei Strelieaev and by 12 members of the Kanteletar Choir directed by Dean Jobin-Bevans.

Having enjoyed the film immensely, I thought it was a good outing for a man who has grown hard of hearing. Never once did I have to strain to hear what was being said, and it makes me wonder how much of our daily conversation is  truly needed. In 1928 the new media was black and white film, and a skilled director such as Lewis Milestone had to invent the resources to get the message across to the audience without the benefit of spoken dialog. When the need to communicate gets really serious he creates the opportunity to use subtitles or show text of one kind or another, but largely it is the skill of the actors, directors and the onstage musicians who accompanied these movies the success that they were  Lake Superior News read more....>

Magnus 2010-2011 Main Stage Season


Thunder Bay, ON - September 11, 2010 --- Thunder Bay's Magnus Theatre, the professional theatre of Magnus Theatre Go Live 2010  ~ 2011Northwestern Ontario, is about to launch an exciting season filled with music, song, comedy, and drama.  For this 39th Magnus Theatre season Artistic Director Mario Crudo has programmed a fast paced, inspiring, and intriguing lineup of plays and musicals. It is certain to have audiences humming along, tapping their toes, laughing together and talking about their experiences following the performances; gaining a whole new appreciation for live professional theatre.

 “I have a feeling our patrons will love the shows we’ve putting on this season,”  says Artistic Director Mario Crudo, "and I encourage people who’ve never been to a Magnus play to give it a try  Lake Superior News read more.......>


Angelique Abandoned: Isle Royale 1845-46

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  September 24, 2010  --- I recently had the pleasure of reading an historical novel titled, “Angelique Abandoned: Isle Royal 1845-1846, by James R. Stevens, a writer who resides on the north shore of Lake Superior in Shuniah township.

Angelique AbandonedJIm StevensAngelique Abandoned is based on the true story of a Metis woman and her husband who were abandoned on Michigan’s Isle Royale in the late summer of 1945. The novel is a remarkable tale of one woman’s heartache and struggle to survive a winter in the harsh, unforgiving landscape of dense forests, rugged coastlines and inclement weather conditions.

The story introduces us to a young Angelique Cadotte, a Metis girl born at the great rapids at Sault River, now the site of Sault Ste Marie, where her family traded with the voyageurs. Angelique’s mother, Theresa Cadotte, was an Ojibway spirit woman who had lived in the wilderness all her life and knew where to seek plants and herbs to use as medicinal remedies. Her forest name was the Green Thunderbird Woman and she was said to speak many languages, French, English, Ojibway and a fourth, it was said, to talk to the spirits in the wilderness. Lake Superior News  read more......>


 Thunder Bay Culture Days

THUNDER BAY, ON   ------    September 4, 2010  ----   Calling all artists, cultural groups and Culture  Daysorganizations! Thunder Bay will be participating in its first ever Culture Days, a nation-wide movement promoting public engagement in arts and heritage activities on September 24-26. Join the movement by offering a FREE interactive activity to the public for a behind-the-scenes look at how culture is created in Thunder Bay. Activities can include anything from demonstrations, interactive concerts, guided tours, workshops, and much more – as long as they’re free for the public to enjoy! Visit for a sample listing of activities and details on how to get involved in the local Culture Days celebration. Lake Superior News  read more.........>

Interpretive Nature Painter Shows at Lake Superior Art Gallery

THUNDER BAY, ON ------  August 19, 2010  -------   Interpretive nature painter, Pat BigelowPatricia Bigelow is showing some of her artwork at Lake Superior Art Gallery in Victoriaville Mall, Thunder Bay.  Her showing will run until September 17.

Pat is a multifaceted person, as most interesting people are. She has lived and studied in the States, and has travelled around the globe all the while painting and at the same time developing a career as a computer scientist. She now resides in Nolalu, just west of Thunder Bay. She is now retired from Computer Science, so one would think she would devote all her time to her artwork, but she divides her creative talent by making concrete sinks as well. (They are made to go with granite countertops!)

In perusing her works at the gallery I had a sense of déjà vous, I had seen works similar to this at the National Art Gallery in Ottawa. She has often been told that her works resemble those of the group of 7, Lake Superior News  read more........>

Bridge Theatre "The Turning Point


THUNDER BAY, ON -----   August 7, 2010 --- Bridge Theatre is a collective of Bridge Theatreemerging, dynamic, multi-disciplinary young artists, now in their second season of generating unique festivals and events.

At last "The Turning Point" approaches.  This year's  team has been working hard to bring you a FREE!!! Music and Arts Festival in our own Waverley Park.  Lake Superior News read more.....>


SAULT STE MARIE,  ON  -----  August 7, 2010 --- Taking you to the heart of where the paintings were created. 

Michael Burtch 2010 event. On Saturday, September 25-26th  the Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains (CAPT) in partnership with Searchmont Resort, Naturally Superior Adventures/Rocky Island Lodge, Wawa and NORDIK Institute invite you to come celebrate the 92nd Anniversary of the Group of Seven artists painting from the Algoma Central Railway.  This year’s event features the work of group member J.E.H MacDonald. Lake Superior News  read more......>

 Jean-Paul De Roover cross-Canada tour

THUNDER BAY, ON   -----  August 5, 2010 -– Jean-Paul De Roover has Jean-Paul De Roover has announced his upcoming cross-Canada tourannounced his upcoming cross-Canada tour, as well as the subsequent release of his latest music video for the song “You”.  Tuesday, August 10th will be the tour kickoff as well as the exclusive video premiere, held at the Paramount Theatre (24 Court St S) starting promptly at 7:30 PM. 

“This will be my third cross-Canada tour this year” says De Roover, “and I can’t wait to get back out on the road, showing the country what I’ve been working hard on for the last few months”.  This will include new material, new merchandise, a new website and of course the new video. Lake Superior Newsread more......>


2011 Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards

THUNDER BAY ON  -----  July 19, 2010 ----  Music and Film in Motion (MFM) is Northern Ontario Music and Film Awardsgearing up for the eighth annual Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards program.  Today marks the official opening of this year’s submission period.

Submission period for the 2011 Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards now open!

The music award categories for 2011 are Best Album by a Solo Artist, Best Album by a Duo or Group, Best Songwriter, Best Engineer, and Best Vocal Performance on a Recording.  Lake Superior News read more...> 



Hand Made Thunder Bay Artists and Artisans Tour

THUNDER BAY, ON   ----   July 4, 2010  ----   2010 is the 10th Anniversary for Hand Made Thunder Bay HandMade in Thunder Bay - a map to locations in Thunder Bay where quality, locally handmade arts and crafts are available.  To celebrate, 18 of the participants have come together to sponsor touring through the month of July - draw for prizes July 21/10. 

Choose from three designated tours to enter a ballot to win prizes.  Maps & ballots are available from participating locations, libraries, the TBV office TheHandMade in Thunder Bay map is an annual, non-profit, economic development project which started in 2001.  Lake Superior News read more......>

Krishna Culture Festival of India

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  June  21, 2010 ---   Volunteers of the Krishna Culture Festival of India raise money for charity by sharing their love for Indian dance, music, drama and food . They present an evening of exotic entertainment followed by delicious vegetarian refreshments on Tuesday, July 20,2010, at Marina Park in Thunder Bay.  Lake Superior News read more.......>



THUNDER BAY, ON  ------   June 16, 2010   ---  This summer the Rob McLeod Capitol Players are bringing Melodrama back to the Chippewa Park Pavilion with the New Moon Production of “A Streetcar Named Chippewa” by T.T. Lucky. Lake Superior News read more......>

2010 Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards

THUNDER BAY, ON ----   June 16, 2010 ----   The 2010 Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards were held on Tuesday, June 15 at Magnus Theatre to celebrate the excellence, achievements, and support within the local cultural sector. 26 nominees were honoured at the awards event, 10 of which received awards ranging from cash prizes of $1,000 to works of art by local artists Lake Superior News read more.....>



Definitely Superior exhibitions opening

THUNDER BAY, ON--- June 5, 2010 --- See three exciting new exhibitions at Definitely Superior Art GalleryDefinitely Superior Art Gallery [250 Park Ave.] in Thunder Bay, June 5th to July 3rd!

Showing in gallery 1, is the critically-acclaimed... "Fashion And Mimesis" exhibition by Maria Fernanda Cardoso from Sidney, Australia, an exhibition curated by Gary Genosko [Professor of Sociology/Lakehead University].  See works from the artist's Emu Series, her most recent work, consisting of artworks, photographs, video and original fashion creations from native Australian emu bird feathers which clearly manifest the artist’s fascination with all aspects of the natural world.  It's a great opportunity to take in the artist's innovative art involving inter-species relations and natural materials, as seen at the Tate Gallery London UK, Lake Superior News read more.....>



Arts News


Definitely Superior Finalist Ont Premier’s Award for Excellence

THUNDER BAY, ON --- June 2, 2010 --- Definitely Superior Art Gallery and its Definitely Superior GArt GalleryBoard of Directors are honoured to announce that we have been selected as a Finalist for the prestigious 2010 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in the Arts, which recognizes outstanding achievement and contribution to arts and culture in Ontario. 

 We are in extremely good company alongside the Tarragon Theatre (Toronto), Images Festival (Toronto), Guelph Jazz Festival (Guelph), Public Energy (Peterborough), and the Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique (Ottawa). Lake Superior News News read more....>


2010 Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards


THUNDER BAY, ON  June 2, 2010 ---- The 2010 Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Awards will be held on June 15th at Magnus Theatre 5pm - 7pm reception, hors d'oeuvres, cash bar and award presentation.
Please come share in the celebration ofexcellence, achievement and support for our cultural sector. tickets are available here at the Painted Turtle. Tickets are $15 each. Lake Superior News News read more.....>


Thunder Bay Art Gallery Welcomes new Curator

THUNDER BAY ON ---  June 1, 2010 ----  The Thunder Bay Art Gallery is Nadia Kurd Thunder Bay Art Gallerypleased to announce the appointment of Nadia Kurd as the Gallery’s new Curator who takes up her role on August 9, 2010.

Ms. Kurd earned a BFA in art from the University of Ottawa, in 2002, and an MA in art history from York University, in 2005. In addition, she will soon be receiving her PhD in art history from McGill University, in Montreal, with a focus on contemporary Islamic architecture. Lake Superior News News read more.....>



Allan Moon, Master Potter

THUNDER BAY, ON  ---  May 22, 2010 ---  I spent Friday afternoon at the Alan Moonstudio of Allan Moon taking pictures and talking about his 30 years as an active potter. In Thunder Bay there are three full time potters like himself. Allan is quick to credit Kim Alexander and Fritz Lehnberg as colleagues.

If you want to learn pottery, he would suggest Jack Black a retired art teacher, Noel Keag, Edie Hashigushi and once again Fritz Lehnberg. Teaching is something that does not agree with Allan’s make-up, but he is happy to pass that task on to others who do a good job.

Pottery goes back in time almost as far as mankind itself. Basic earthen-ware pots were used by Native American Indian long before the white man showed up pottery is found in all cultures.  Lake Superior News News  read more.....>



Tougher than Ever!

THUNDER BAY, ON ---  May 16, 2010  -----  At this time of year various arts groups in Lendre KearnsThunder Bay are working very hard developing next season’s campaign.  With every passing season it seems a greater challenge to find an audience for your production. That is why the recent workshop by Lindre Kearns titled “Knock, Knock, Who’s There?” was most appropriate.

Lendre Kearns is a dynamic North American marketing and audience development specialist. This quote from her bio nicely sums up the daylong session at the Community Auditorium.
 “Today’s arts organizations are dealing with decreasing frequency of participation among existing patrons and ever increasing challenges in garnering the attention of the public to recruit new ones. Lake Superior News News  read more....>

Great Audience Relations Means Continued Success

 THUNDER BAY, ON ----  May 16, 2010  ----- Fresh from an all day event at the Fort William Male ChoirThunder Bay Community Auditorium, I spent the day learning how to develop and grow an audience. During the presentation by course leader Lindre Kearns, I could not help but compare some of the practices she mentioned with some of the practices used by groups I have known for years.
The first group that came to mind is the City’s Fort William Male Choir.  Lake Superior News News read more.....>


TBSO Announces new Artistic Director for its 50th Season

THUNDER BAY, ON - April 23, 2010 - Through the magic of Photoshop I have been able to Paul Inksetterplace Arthur Post at to-day’s TBSO press announcement. At the moment the busy conductor is making his way to Barcelona where he will spend the summer conducting the summer opera season. To day the TBSO announced Arthur Post as the Artistic Director who will lead the symphony orchestra in the coming years.  Lake Superior News News read more...>



Cabaret Concert a Gem

THUNDER BAY, ON --- April 18, 2010 ---- Saturday night is not my usual night Stephane Potvin TBSOout to the Thunder Bay Symphony. I am a big fan of the TBSO Masterworks series, and I try never to miss a performance. After a season of guest conductors I wanted to hear Stephan Potvin our resident conductor at the podium. For the past couple of years Stephan has been one of the driving forces behind our remarkable orchestra. He is very particular about pitch and having a precise band on stage. Our orchestra can outperform many larger orchestras simple because of these qualities. For this concert the orchestra performs with the conductor that is normally rehearses with, and Stephan led the orchestra through an evening’s concert that showcased the tremendous depth and skills of our local musicians.  Lake Superior News News read more.....>



Inspire Thunder Bay - Culture Plan in the Works

THUNDER BAY, ON ----  March 24, 2010 -----  The creation of a Cultural Plan Inspire Thunder Bayfor the City of Thunder Bay is an exciting opportunity for theentire community to participate in shaping the future of one of our most valuable resources - ourunique and authentic local culture - which is a valid economic driver for our great city, and animportant contributor to its sustainability. Because a plan of this nature is only as diverse asthe individuals and groups that contribute to it, all citizens of Thunder Bay from emergingartists, avid concert fans, and cultural supporters, to those who simply want to learn more aboutlocal arts and heritage and the role they play in Thunder Bay, are invited to be a part of sculpting this Plan and our future cultural landscape.  Lake Superior News News  read more......>


Lenten Recitals an Old Tradition

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 23, 2010 - This Sunday, a traditional Lenten recital will be Sara-Kim Morangiven at St. Paul’s United Church in Thunder Bay. Organists Susan Marrier and Bert Rowson     will be providing an afternoon of contemplative music suitable for Lenten reflections.Lake Superior News News read more...>




A Master Play

THUNDER BAY, ON ----   March 14, 2010   ---  Few artists attain excellence Jo-Ann Waytowich without first making sacrifices. A life dedicated to their art is a something most regular people would never understand. Surely there must be an easier way to earn a living! What makes it all worthwhile is when you begin to be appreciated for your talent, not just at home but on distant stages also. During the twenty or more years since we have attended Lakehead Universities Music department, Jo-Ann has methodically nurtured and developed a career as a professional actress. She has performed and explored the limits of her talent on stages across Canada. It is encouraging that such talent can be nurtured here in Thunder Bay. Lake Superior News News  read  more......>






Bruce Meyer brings out readers and writers

THUNDER BAY, ON ----   March 7, 2010 -----  What makes great literature? Bruce MeyersBruce Meyer addressed this topic in his lecture at Lakehead University on Friday night. Bruce travelled to Thunder Bay at the request of Bookends, a small reading group that has been reading and discussing literature in the city for the past 20 years.

The book club has been debating who might be the great authors of the 20th century, yet the question remained, what makes literature great? Through personal connections Joan Skelton (author of The Survivor of the Edmund Fitzgerald) knew of Bruce Meyer, professor of literature at Georgian College.

Meyer’s life has been passionately immersed in literature from the time of his childhood. His enthusiasm for literature has made him a compelling speaker and he is amongst TV Ontario’s top 10 short list for the Top Lecturer Award. Lake Superior News News read more....>

Master-classes Nurture Students

THUNDER BAY, ON,  ---  March 7, 2010 ----  Last week Andrei Streliaev, Rebeccda Gilles Straelaevorganist extraordinaire arrived in Thunder Bay for a weekend of entertainment, master-classes and a recital. Born in Riga Latvia, Andrei holds a Master of Music Degree in Organ Performance from the University of Toronto where he studied with John Tuttle. He is an associate member of the Royal Canadian College of Organists. As a musician Andrei has performed in Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Sweden and France, participated in festivals and competitions including B. Dvarionas International Competition for Young Pianists in Vilnius, Lithuania (Diploma) and Concours International de Piano Maryse Cheilan in Hyeres, France (First Award). Dean Jobin-Bevans of Lakehead University jumped at the opportunity to bring Andrei to Thunder Bay for the benefit of the music department’s organ students.  Lake Superior News News read more...>

Of Interest to Readers, Writers, and Teachers

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 26, 2010 - Joan Skelton - Of interest to reader, writers, and Bruce Meyerteachers are two talks by noted author, broadcaster, professor and electric speaker, Dr. Bruce Meyer. He will answer the often asked question What Makes Great Literature? Friday, March 5, Lakehead University, ATAC Building, Room 1001, at 7 p.m. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>




 TBSO Piano Inspiration

THUNDER BAY, ON  ----   February 16, 2010  -----    Last Thursday the TBSO played another brilliant masterworks concert. This year it seems each Scott Speckmasterworks concert has brought us a different conductor, and this season was deliberately designed to bring out the strengths and weaknesses of all the candidate conductors for our very own Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra.  The program was set by our last maestro, Geoffrey Moull and the three works on the program, Symphony #3 by Gary Kulesha, the piano concerto #2 op. 22 by Camille Saint Saëns, and the Brahms Serenade for Orchestra are all works that would challenge a candidate conductor. Two of the pieces are part of mainstream classics especially in Europe, but in North America the Brahms and Saint Saëns are less heard. Certainly American born Scott Speck would not likely have conducted a symphony by Canadian composer Gary Kulesha before. Lake Superior News News read more......>

 A Great Weekend For Music

THUNDER BAY, ON -----  February 15, 2010 ---  What a great Family Day Weekend, at Elizabeth and  Penderecki String Quartet.least if you like concerts. Counting the Masterworks Concert by the TBSO the weekend rang loud with the sounds of the Pembina Trails Voices at St. Paul’s United Church, Thunder Bay, on Friday night, and then the last concert of the season of the Consortium Aurora Borealis with the spotlessly clean playing of the Penderecki String Quartet. Shown to the left is the Consortium’s music director Elizabeth Ganiatsos with the members of the quartet, Christine Vlajk viola, Jacob Braun cello, Jeremy Bell and Jerzy Kaplanek violins.  Lake Superior News News read more......>



 Hyer Announces Community Arts & Heritage Funding

TERRACE BAY, ON - February 11, 2010 – From the North Shore leg of a regional Town Hall tour, Bruce Hyer, MP for Thunder Bay–Superior North, announced that the application period for Building Communities Through Arts & Heritage funding is now open, and encouraged local unincorporated community groups, Band Councils and incorporated non-profits to apply. Lake Superior News News read more...>

¨Urban Infill-Art in the Core¨ GALA OPENING RECEPTION

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 4, 2010 - FEATURING: 
Urban Infill-Art In The Core·       “UP, UP, AND AWAY!”-Jennifer Davis-Paintings-International Artist/Minneapolis, USA;
·       "DIARIES FROM METROPOLIS"-Allison Moore & Arthur Desmarteaux-Printmaking-National Artists-Montreal, Quebec;
·       "DRAWN & STAINED"-12 Northwestern Ontario Artists-Drawing, Painting & Printmaking;
·       Also:  OPENING MUSIC BY BRAD SENNE-One of the Top 10 Indie Minneapolis Singer/Songwriters-[two 30 minute sets, starting at 7pm & at 8pm;], Visiting Artist Talks [starting at 7:30pm], refreshments, artists-in-attendance~all ages/by donation. 
·       EXHIBITIONS RUN UNTIL MAR. 6 [Tues-Sat/12-6pm; all ages/by donation].Lake Superior  read more...>


Revenge of the Dead White Writer

THUNDER BAY, ON - February 1, 2010 - Drew Hayden TaylorThe current production at Magnus at first is a bit of an enigma, but yes I get it. Drew Hayden Taylor is a “blue eyed” Indian from the Ojibway First Nation of Curve Lake in Ontario. He is an accomplished playwright with many works to his name. Some such as “THE REZ SISTERS”, and “IN A WORLD CREATED BY A DRUNKEN GOD”, are memorable, original works which portray the world from an aboriginal perspective. Lake Superior News Newsread more...>



RCCO’s Jan Overduin to play in Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON   -----   January 23, 2010  ---    JAN OVERDUIN retired as Chair of the Jan OverduinOrgan and Church Music Department at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo in 2003 but that does not mean he has retired from playing the pipe organ. This year he is one of the travelling clinicians for the RCCO (Royal Canadian College of Organists). It takes many years of dedicated effort to master the organ, an like many organists playing the instrument just becomes a part of your life. This coming Friday, January 29th Jan’s duties with the RCCO will take him to Thunder Bay, where he will perform in recital on the magnificent Casavant Organ at St. Paul’s United Church. The Friday night recital will start at 8:00 p.m. and admission is a very affordable $10.00 at the door. Lake Superior  read more.....>






Alastair Willis meets the Test
THUNDER BAY, ON - January 21, 2010 - I always look forward to the TBSO masterwork Alastair Willisconcerts, they are such a joy. Last Thursday I was introduced to some music that was new to me, Dvorak’s Symphonic Variations Op. 78. Writing variations is perhaps the oldest form of composition. It is like writing a song, change the words and you have a second verse and so on until you tell your story. Doing this instrumentally presents a challenge for any composer, partly because orchestra’s don’t sing words, so the story has to be aided by your imagination, and the different tones and colours that the orchestra is able to produce. Antonin Dvorak was able to create 27 variations from his long and beautiful Slavic melody, and I was keenly listening to each variation as the piece rolled along one after another the joy of Dvorak’s creative mind being re-crafted by the musicians on stage that night. Lake Superiorread more...> 



THUNDER BAY, ON - January 21, 2010 - Magnus Theatre is excited to present
WHITE WRITER ON THE FLOOR. The play focuses on six First Nation stereotypes: Tonto (from the Lone Ranger radio and television series that began in 1933) , Injun Joe (from Mark Twain’s novel, Tom Sawyer), Billy Jack (from the 1971 movie of the same name), Old Lodgeskins (from the movie Little Big Man), Pocahontas (a two-dimensional cartoon), and Kills Many Enemies (a warrior created by Hayden Taylor to represent all warrior types), whose lives have been created in literary form.  They come to life and find themselves in a room with the dead white writer who created their adventures. They set out on a journey together to shed their literary personas to follow their dreams of taking their place in the real world. Lake Superior read more...>


Baroque and Beyond

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 8, 2009 - Tuesday night and the TBSO plays a Classical Steven M. BaricPlus concert at Hilldale Lutheran Church. This concert presented a number of firsts. For me it was the world premier of Steven Baric’s Chamber Symphony. It was also a first introduction of William Intrilligator to Thunder Bay audiences and many who attend the symphony take a deep interest in all the conductor candidates that step onto the orchestra’s podium. Except for the Chamber Symphony by Baric the rest of the concert program featured works by Baroque composers. A Sinfonia by Pergolesi, Telemann’s famous trumpet concerto and the first Brandenburg concerto by J.S. Bach completed the program. Lake Superiorread more...>



Prelude to Christmas

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 8, 2009 - The Fort William Male Choir has traditionally Fort William Male Choirbrought the city an early taste of Christmas on the first weekend of December. It is a coveted spot on the community auditorium calendar, and many other groups (mostly from out of town) would love to have this weekend. The reason is simple; it is a great time to have a Christmas concert. One reason the Male Choir can keep this spot is they are one of the few groups and who can run the same show two days in succession at the Community Auditorium and still make money.Lake Superior
read more...>

Consortium presents an all Brass Concert

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 7, 2009 - Saturday night’s Consortium Aurora Borealis concert presented Penderecki String Quartetbrass lovers a special treat. Not since the last performance in this same venue by the Canadian brass has there been such a quality recital by professional brass players. For some reason the classic chamber ensemble for brass players contains five instruments. While there are string quintets we often think of string quartets as the norm. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is the effective range of the brass instruments is smaller, so the extra instrument is needed to give a full range of pitch. Lake Superiorread more...>


Dicken's Classic Christmas Carol

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 7, 2009 - Rev. Deborah Kraft gets excited about Charles Rev. Deborah KraftDickens’ Classic Christmas Carol. It is a human tale as true as in Dickens’ coal smudged England as it is in the streets of Thunder Bay. The story is about a man who after a loss becomes completely isolated from the world around him, except for the world of commerce. As the anniversary of his old friend’s death approaches, he undergoes a series of transformations that gradually reconnect him with his family, employees, neighbours and so on. In the end he learns how to live once again. Lake Superior read more...>


Comfort and Joy, a Dulcisono Christmas

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 7, 2009 - From the opening selection, “Magnificat” by Nancy BerglundChristine Donkin, Dulcisono women’s choir began delivery of one of the most refined choral programs the city has seen in years, certainly by a local group. The choir has many capable voices, and in this instance Nancy Berglund performed the solo.Lake Superior read more...>



LU Vocal Ensemble and Chamber Choir Christmas Concert

THUNDER BAY, ON -----   December 5, 2009  ---   If you love choral music, then Christmas Lakehead University Vocal_Ensemblecame early this Thursday night.  Lakehead University’s Music department presented their Vocal Ensemble and Chamber choir in a concert of seasonal music. Choral Ensembles is a core part of a music education at Lakehead. All music students must participate in the department’s choir in all four years of their undergraduate program in music. Lake Superior  read more......>


THUNDER BAY, ON - December 1, 2009 - A new book recently launched about Canadian music icon and trailblazer Don Messer has some interesting connections to Thunder Bay. For starters, the book -- Don Messer: The Man Behind the Music – was written by best-selling author Johanna Bertin, who is married to former Fort William resident Barry Pendrel. They now live in New Brunswick. In the book, Bertin includes an interesting tidbit about Fort William (now Thunder Bay)   during a key event in Messer’s life.Lake Superior read more...> 

Magnus; A Great Night Out!

THUNDER BAY, ON - December 1, 2009 - I am a couple of days late with this Amos Crawley & Leisa Wayreview, but it is for a good reason. A couple of times a season I will review an event and the performance is so extraordinary that there simply isn’t much left to say that would do it justice. Usually these are music performances, but in this case I am talking about Magnus Theatre’s current production Robert More/Tom Doyle musical Dads 2: The Toddler’s Revenge. Lake Superiorread more...> 




ART ZOOM 2009!

THUNDER BAY, ON - November 30, 2009 - 3rd time’s the charm! This installment of Art Art Zoom 2009Zoom in the North Core, sponsored by “The
Heart of the Harbour BIA” has 24 businesses, including galleries, supporting more than
50 artists/musicians/writers of Thunder Bay. Lake Superior
read more...>


THUNDER BAY, ON - NOVEMBER 25, 2009 - DECEMBER DREAMS –an amazing arts December Dreams Rotary Cluband crafts show featuring more than 60 local and regional artists and artisans returns this weekend. The show, produced by the Lakehead Rotary Club, will be held at the CLE Coliseum on Saturday and Sunday and offers for sale thousands of one-of-a-kind hand-crafted creations by artists living in Thunder Bay and rural communities as well as from Northwest communities including Kenora, Dryden, Fort Frances, Upsala, Nipigon, Terrace Bay, and Marathon.Lake Superior read more...>

TBSO A Great Season

THUNDER BAY, ON -------   November 21, 2009  ------  Another masterworks program, Gisèle Ben-Dor, guest conductor TBSOanother great concert! Our Thunder Bay,  is blessed with a very capable fully professional symphony orchestra and is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in Northern Ontario. Gisèle Ben-Dor, guest conductor knows a good orchestra when she hears one. A good orchestra does not need a conductor to beat time or make the important cues for the players. The musicians come to the first practice with their music learned. The conductor’s job is to get the musicians to play together so that they all play with the same musical concept, and with intensity. Lake Superior  read more.....>


 C.A.B. Concert feature Purcell, and Astronomy?

THUNDER BAY,  ON   --------  November 21, 2009  ----  Consortium Aurora Borealis, Thunder Bay,  a vibrant local chamber music organization now in its 31st season,  is commemorating two significant historical events this weekend with a special concert. It joins the rest of the world in celebrating the International Year of Astronomy, marking 400 years since Galileo first turned his telescope heavenwards. At the same time it commemorates the 350th birthday of the illustrious English composer Henry Purcell, who died in 1695 at the age of 36, on November 21 (the date of our concert), on the Eve of St. Cecilia’s Day, the feast day of the patron saint of music, Lake Superior  read more....>

Fort William Historical Park “A Christmas Carol”

A Chtistmas Carol


 THUNDER BAY ------   November  5, 2009  ----  For December, Rogue Productions returns with their popular theatrical presentation of “A Christmas Carol,” Charles Dickens’ classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. The production is happening December 11th to13th and 17th to 20th in the Great Hall at Thunder Bay's  Fort William Historical Park.  Lake Superior  read more.......>






Jordana Divinorum open for Misfits

THUNDER BAY  ---- November 4, 2009  ----   Jordana Divinorum will be opening for The Misfits on November 5th at Roxy’s, Thunder Bay. The Misfits, who’ve gone through numerous line-up changes of their own (including at one point, Marky Ramone), have been around since 1977, since then bringing the horror punk sub-genre into mainstream with past hits like “Night of the Living Dead” and “Astro Zombies”.  Lake Superior  read more.....>

Said the Whale, “Islands Disappear”

THUNDER BAY, ON - October 31, 2009 - What happens when Said the Whale goes on a Said The Whaleroad-trip of Canada? Well, they have problems, get some inspiration, and make an album, of course. “Islands Disappear”, the band’s latest CD, has already made its way onto the Top 50 Alternative Albums in Canada, and for good reason; “Islands Disappear” is an awesome album. Lake Superiorread more...>



Nanabozhoo’s Teaching Lodge

THUNDER BAY, ON - October 31, 2009 - A brightly coloured tee pee and wigwam, birch bark, drums and Nanabozhoo's Teaching Lodgeother Aboriginal cultural artefacts great the visitor to the Thunder Bay Art Gallery in a colourful depiction of Nanabozhoo’s Teaching Lodge.

The Art Gallery is pleased to continue its long standing relationship with the Aboriginal community with the presentation of Nanabozhoo’s Teaching Lodge – an exhibition of learning and discovery as portrayed by students. Lake Superiorread more...> 

New book by Thunder Bay-born best-selling author Ron Chepesiuk

THUNDER BAY, ON - October 31, 2009 - Thunder Bay-born Ron Chepesiuk, an award-Ron Chepesiukwinning investigative journalist,  has been described as "the master of high octane journalism." He is the author of Gangsters of Harlem and Black Gangsters of Chicago, Drug Lords, a Fulbright Scholar, an adjunct professor in the journalism department of UCLA's Extension Division and a consultant to the History Channel's Gangland documentary series. He has also been interviewed by the Biography Channel, Discovery, the History Channel, Black Entertainment Television, and NBC's Dateline.  Ron's latest book -- Gangsters of Miami -- will be launched next week and looks to be another best-seller. Lake Superiorread more...>


From Russia with Music

THUNDER BAY, ON - October 28, 2009 - Sometimes the best surprises are where you Elena Denisovaleast expect to find them. New Music North opened its Thunder Bay Concert season with an astounding performance by violinist Elena Densisova, and her pianist partner Alexei Kornienko. It seems to me a little unusual that a couple born raised and educated in Russia, living in Vienna, would come to Thunder Bay to give a concert of modern music for piano and violin as well as solo violin. What the audience witnessed on Tuesday night was an astounding demonstration of the Russian school of violin performance. For it seems the world can now be divided into three schools of thought when it comes to concertizing on the violin, and the Russian School is one of them. Lake Superiorread more...>

The Fly Fisher’s Companion

THUNDER BAY  -----   October 25,  2009  ---  The second play of the season is now playing The Fly Fisher’s Companionat Magnus Theatre. As usual Friday night’s gala performance was completely sold out. For me a gala performance is all about a performing society’s very best effort, and Magnus Theatre has pulled out all the stops to make this show a success. As with all Magnus Plays Mario Crudo likes to create an atmosphere of anticipation before the audience even goes into the theatre. With this performance he used the art work of Ray Swaluk, Peter Humeniuk of Lake Superior Art Gallery and William E Burn. These local artists specialize in the out of doors landscapes of our region and I know at least one, Ray Swaluk is an avid fisherman and sportsman. Lake Superior read more....>

A New CD from Päivi Salokari

THUNDER BAY  ----  October 20, 2009  ---  Päivi Salokari is the daughter of musical Päivi Salokarparents and grew up in Finland in a home filled with music. With her mother’s encouragement she and her two siblings learned at an early age to perform in choirs and Church Christmass Concerts.

 At age 7 Päivi began violin lessons, something which she continued for the next ten years. Also at age seven she participated in a children’s recording, “I’d Rather be Little”. Because of her apparent musicality she was accepted into special music classes from grade three to grade nine and from there to the Sibelius Music High School in Helsinki where she graduated in 1987  Lake Superior read more....>


Händel’s “Utrecht Jubilate” Nov 1st at Lakeview Presbyterian

THUNDER BAY,  ----  October 18, 2009  ---  The November performance of Händel’s “Utrecht Jubilate” on November 1st at Lakeview Presbyterian Church Presbyterian Church will mark the end of nearly two years of preparation and planning for Diane Laaksonen, organist of this church. It is a large work for choir, organ, instrumentalists and soloists. In one sense this work is a gala performance celebrating the style, elegance and the ceremony of Händel and is contemporaries. In this case the “Utrecht Jubilate Deo” was written in 1713 for the London celebration at St. Paul’s Cathedral of the “Peace of Utrecht”, which ended the War of Spanish Succession. The Utrecht Jubilate Deo is a setting in English of Psalm 100.  Lake Superior  read more.......>

Händel Organ Concerto a Rare Treat 

THUNDER BAY,  ON  ---  October 18, 2009  ---  The Classical Music scene is in full swing. Consortium Handel Concerto.This Saturday city residents had their second opportunity to come and hear a Consortium Aurora Borealis Concert at St. Paul’s United Church.

Elizabeth Ganiatsos the group’s music director was on hand for the evening festivities celebrating the music of Georg Händel, and Franz Joseph Haydn. The musicians of the ensemble all drawn from the ranks of the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra  Lake Superior read more......>


 It’s Time for Music

THUNDER BAY, ON   ---   October 17, 2009   ----  Tania has been in the city for a week Tania Millerguest conducting the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra.

When she accepted the invitation to open the TBSO’s season with its first Masterworks Concert a number of doubts must of run through her mind. What kind of orchestra is this? These are masterworks for orchestra, will one week be sufficient time to prepare the concert? She need not have worried. Tania opened the concert with the statement of how wonderful our orchestra is to work with, and she is impressed with the professionalism and warmth of the musicians.

Our orchestra has always responded well to guest musicians, and they make an effort to welcome them and give them a good musical experience. The obviously liked Tania’s approach to music because you could “feel every note” she conducted. Feel every note” is the slogan on this year’s website for the Victoria Symphony where she is full time conductor and music director. My favourite piece of the night was Mozart’s Prague Symphony (#38). Mozart one of history’s most gifted composers wrote extremely well for strings. He intrinsically knew what strings can do and how string players like to play. Our orchestra is essentially a Mozart sized ensemble so his music is a perfect match for our players. This is a feel good piece when played by the gifted musicians of the symphony, and true to her Logo Tania Miller delivered on every note. Lake Superior  read more.....>

Piano Extraordinaire!

THUNDER BAY, ON - September 30, 2009 - I have been thinking about the season’s H. Morrison, N. Lehrneropening concert of the Consortium Aurora Borealis. A lot has been cooking on the kitchen stove since last season. For one thing it is the first time in 31 seasons that music director Elizabeth Ganiatsos has not been present for an opening concert.Lake Superior read more...>



Due to tremendous popular demand!

THUNDER BAY, ON - September 24, 2009 - Magnus Theatre is excited to announce that HANK WILLIAMS: THE SHOW HE NEVER GAVE by Maynard Collins, has been extended to Saturday October 3, 2009. “Hank Williams is a phenomenal success for Magnus! Many of the 20 performances, during the initial two and a half week run, are sold out. To accomodate the scores of people who would still love the opportunity to see a performance, we have decided to hold the show over for one additional week.” says Artistic Director Mario Crudo. Lake Superiorread more...> 

Season Opener A Winner

THUNDER BAY, ON ----   September 12, 2009   ---  Mario Crudo has worked long and hard to choose a season opener for Magnus Theatre. He wanted a show that will appeal to as many people as possible. In choosing Maynard Collin’s Hank Williams – The Show He Never Gave, Magnus presents a great story through song, and a touch of multimedia. The tragic story of this great country and western singer begs to be told on stage. After all the singers lifelong career was on a stage of one form or another. Lake Superior  read more.....>





Winnipeg’s best and brightest visit Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY, ON  ------  February 13, 2010  ---  This weekend some 54 voices of Winnipeg"s Pembina Trails Voices Winnipeg’s Pembina Trails Voices visited Thunder Bay. The opening statement on the group’s website provides a mission statement worthy of any fine organization.

“Now in its twenty-eighth season, Pembina Trails Voices is dedicated to providing boys and girls and young men and women across the Pembina Trails School Division with an exceptional choral experience. Through carefully chosen choral literature of the highest caliber, choristers expand their knowledge of music theory and vocal culture, and share with audiences the beauty and power of choral music.” Lake Superior News News read more.....>



When it is more a Concert

THUNDER BAY, ON - March 29, 2010 - Lakehead University Music Department presented Jobin Bevans Chamber Choirits annual Spring Ensembles concert Friday March 26th. It is one occasion where people from Thunder Bay can see firsthand the quality of the University’s work.

As I was waiting for the concert to begin I kept thinking how in Bach’s time and until not so recent times organists were required to play an annual recital to show parishioners how far the organist has progressed during the year. In those days there were consequences for organists who did not meet expectations. In Bach’s time the annual recital was more than a routine concert. The organist’s future prospects depended on how well they did with the annual concert. There was a lot at stake. In many respects the LU ensembles concert has some of the same elements. Lake Superior News News read more...>



Dulcisono Women’s Choir presented “Northern Lights”

THUNDER BAY, ON ----   May May 9, 2010  ----   Sunday May 2nd Dulcisono Heather MacLeod and Kevin MacLeod Women’s Choir presented “Northern Lights” a joint concert with the Otava Finnish Men’s Choir at Hilldale Lutheran Church, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

For me the evening brought forth several pleasant surprises. The first was on entering the church parking lot. If was full and overflowing. Clearly this choir has learned a few things about enticing audiences at a time of year when it is difficult to sell tickets to concerts. Lake Superior News News  read more....>





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